Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad....

Dad to 6 adults Kids
ranging in age from
63 to 48
Grandpa to 20, ranging in age from 
40 to 17
GREAT Grandpa to 20+, I've lost count, ranging in age from
about 15 to baby....

 this is my sister Rochelle
she's about 5 yrs older then me....
I'm the baby!
Her husband was out of town.

 She ordered these fabulous roasted peanuts that
the restaurant roasts themselves....
Our family loves peanuts!

 We met at a pizza place called
located in a small southern town in Michigan
if you live anywhere near you've probably heard of it.

This is my brother Emzy "MZ" with Dad....
Odd name you say....
not to us, he was named after an Uncle.
I'm told it comes from the Bible!
He named his son the same....
and his son did the same!
They're everywhere!

 Emzy & Kathy....
not an odd name, but a sweet addition to our family for sure!
Love you Kathy!

This is my sister Melinda and to her left (actually the bearded guy)
on her right,
is her husband Mark Tank....
Love this guy!
Big Teddy Bear for sure!

 Someone ordered these cheesy breadsticks....
by the time they got to our side of the table
and I remembered to take a picture
this is what was left!
That's how good they were!

 We all ordered a different 16 inch pizza....
one didn't even make it to the table yet....
Yes, there were leftovers!
Ooooo so Good!

 ~Cheesy Goodness~

 The one in the hat is our oldest sister Barbara
& her husband Darryl
They got us all together to celebrate.
There were some stories that came out
as they tend to do when family gets together.
Memory Lane is visited....
lots of laughter....
GOOD Stuff!

 Then it was Happy Birthday time....
My brother and my hubby
brought their instruments, brought them in
and we sang to our Dad....
He doesn't look to sure about this,
he said he was glad he didn't bring his 
hearing aides....ha, ha!

But, we had fun and are
that we were able to celebrate another
Birthday with him!

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad!
Love You!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of a special man, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather...looks like he had a great time.

  2. What a wonderful celebration. Looks like fun, laughs and great food was plentiful.
    Family time is priceless!!

  3. A very happy birthday wish to your Dad! The food looked delicious and now I want to go to that restaurant. I mean right now, I'm hungry just looking at it.



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