Friday, April 20, 2012

In case ya didn't know....

I didn't know!
Amanda and I went shopping Monday I think it was....
anyway, they had red and yellow peppers on sale
~10 for $10.00~
you've heard of those sales right?
And you also know that these colorful peppers
are usually more expensive then the baisc
Green Bell Pepper.
So, Amanda who loves to cook "healthy" foods
was bagging a few up.  I said,
 "Why are you buying these, do you plan to use them soon!"
Oh yes, they are good for snacking on!, she said
 Okay, but you know how you are about forgetting 
about food and it goes bad! 
 Ha, ha....she laughs!
I decided, I'd put one in my cart too.  Brad likes to roast them,
we'll find something to use it in I'm sure!  Well, here's where it lies....

 On my 3 tiered stand in my kitchen,
where I put the banana's, apples, oranges....
fruits and veggies like that, so that my family will see them
and hopefully eat them or use them for a healthy snack.
But, as you can see Mine is terribly wrinkled!
Left out in the open air,
so that it could be seen and used in 
a delicious recipe one night!

 Amanda has not touched hers either and in fact they 
are still in the plastic bag she put them in when she bought them.
Oh, they're going to be mushy....right?

Smooth as silk....
Fresh as can be!

 Remember we purchased these at the same time.
Whose would you rather have?
Mine may have to be tossed,
I will ask the hubby later because
 he is the chef in the family!

Just thought I would pass this new "knowledge" along,
I didn't know....maybe you did....Did you?
Someone should really come up with cute
veggie plastic bags that can be displayed out on our counters!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Funny..... I just bought one about an hour ago.. lol. (weekly shopping) I stuck it in the fridge. ONLY because it was in the refrigerated section at the store. Now I'm second guessing myself. Hmmmmm......

    1. The refrigerator may be a good place too. But, definitely not just sat on the counter unless you keep it in the bag. Who knew!


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