Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretties {No More}...

We are having a wonderfully sunny morning here, so far.
The kind of sun that makes you feel energized,
even if you really don't want to be.  I have been sitting
here looking through all my favorite blogs
and trying to plan out what to do today.
But, first I thought I would share a few things with you....

 My little teapot....
you've seen it before, I know....
but, the tulips have ~expired~
so I bought this little container of 
English Daisy
~Mixed Galaxy~
they're called!
I'm thinking of taking these to my Mom's cemetery
 and planting them in her urn. 
 I think she would love them!

 These little colorful tulips lasted quite awhile....
but, I absent mindedly left them outside
in this very spot, when we were having
upwards of 60 mph winds....
they didn't make it thru sadly!
But, they were pretty while they lasted!

~Pretty No More~

 No these are not from this year.
I used these pictures because they were very pretty
~Holly Hocks~
as I'm sure you know.  But, they have
started to over take our yard.  So, on the
days I have been able to be in the yard gardening....
I decided to pull them up and dispose of them!
~Please don't be upset with me~
I'm sure there are some that have missed my sight.
but these are....
~Pretty No More~

 Beautiful color though!
Love my Gazing Ball! 

 But, unfortunately with those high winds it's....
~Pretty No More~
I just put it out on Sunday too.
Makes me sad!  Darn, now I have to go shopping!

 Smashed like glitter!

Maybe I will pick up more of these
Pretties for my teapot!


  1. Love the Daisy's.. one of my favorites.

    Ahh.. thats too bad about the glass ball. Luckily
    this is the time of year to find a replacement though.

  2. Pretty flowers. Sorry to see the wind damage. that I like to do especially when it's to a garden center. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Sorry to see the pretty no more... but your teapot is adorable....

  4. Hi Sweetie! About those Hollyhocks..not to worry. Sometimes decisions have to be made with pushy plants. The same thing happened to me this last week with high winds. Knocked over one of my umbrella's and smashed my ceramic birdbath...upsetting. I'm sorry you lost your gazing ball..and have to go shopping! :):) How SAD! :)

  5. WHAT?? What are those little marks? I meant to say that I was sorry about your gazing ball being smashed..but that it was REALLY sad that you had to go shopping. Are those my exclamation marks?!

  6. Unfortunately when a plant becomes invasive, we often have to remove it. So sorry about your gazing ball. I bet your mom would love to have those daisies planted in her urn. So pretty and sweet.

  7. Ohhh...

    You need a bowling ball done up like one of those gazing balls. I know that I've seen tutorials on that. They have the same shine and everything and they'd not be in danger left out in the wind.

    Your comment left me thinking about what I might do this year at the cemetery...


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