Wednesday, September 21, 2016


So I have been gone a bit too long and now it seems there are a few changes to blogger.  How do I get a picture to appear? Something keeps popping up about dragging my photo and did I know?? Is there a way to get back to just clicking on the insert image and loading my photo like I use to be able to do? Plus, the dragging photo pop up doesn't go away unless I back out and get back in?
Help....Thank you


Monday, February 9, 2015

Heaven Couldn't Wait....

and neither could my Dad! He went home to be with his Lord on Friday, February 6th. The sun was shining so bright that day, after many gloomy days prior. The call came to me just before 1:00 p.m. just as I was getting my lunch around. I almost didn't answer my phone, but something told me I should.  I was not expecting to hear my brother-in-law on the other end, as the call came from my Dad's phone. I was told the news was not good and I immediately thought he may have fell and was taken to the hospital. But no it was much worse, my Dad was gone.  It took several minutes for it to hit me, because my Dad was not ill. I was later told he had gone to lunch as he always has on Fridays with his older brother and a few others. He did not feel well, but he went. Apparently he became sick at the restaurant and they decided to turn around and get him home. He was ill on the way home as well.  He was settled back into his favorite chair and small talk was made as this distant relative sat with my Dad.  He became ill again and as she returned from getting something for him, he was gone!
I am told he looked so peaceful! I live too far away to have made it before he was taken away. But I know he is with my Mom now and that's how it should be!

Thursday will be a very difficult day. My parents were blessed with 19 grandchildren and to count, 37 great grandchildren.  I believe most if not all of the grandchildren will attend.  My family is spread far and wide, it takes time for them to gather.  So sad the occasion for which this gathering is for. My father was a very religious man and his love for all of us was felt so profoundly. Our gathering together is our way of showing one last time our love for him!

My Dad would not want us to grieve but rejoice, because now he is in Heaven!
With his Lord!

I think a few of us need a little bit of time and I'm sure my Dad will be okay with that!
I love you Dad and will miss you greatly!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Blogs LOADED with Ads.....Thoughts??....

It's just gotten out of hand!  I click on a blog I used to enjoy and it takes so long to load that by the time it does, I only look at the pictures and could care less what they have to say!  Sorry! It's such a pain to me.  Looking at blogs is what I tend to do first thing in the morning. It's like reading the paper to some people, catching up on the news, only it's catching up on some really cool houses of people I don't even know.  I used to enjoy it, but of late I find that I am so tired of waiting for the blog to load because there are so many Ads that have to load.  It's a time waster to me!  I know these wonderful bloggers are getting paid to have these ads....but, come on, really!  What happened to having fun and being yourself in your own blog?  Seriously, alot of these wonderful bloggers are now being dictated by the Ads that "pay them" to post something that they may not have even wanted to post to begin with, just to get the almighty $$$!  I'm BORED with those blogs!  Yes I look, but I am a much better Blog READER when I click on a blog that loads immediately!  It's like a breathe of fresh air to me!
Is it not enough that our magazines are loaded to death with Ads, that we now have to deal with our favorite blogs being full of them too??  Just saying!

P.S. All thoughts are of my own, I am not being paid in any way for my opinions!

As always Have a Delightful Day and Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Flea Market or Home Goods??....

Good Morning!
Fall is finally here....
I absolutely love everything Fall!
I am slowly getting my Home decorated for the season.
This was a very busy summer for us.  My FIL,
as some of you may know fractured his C1 vertebrae in
the beginning of June, so I spent most of the summer caring
for him. He lives 1 1/2 hrs from us, so I wasn't Home much!
But, we did make all but one of the flea markets not too
far from us this summer.  The last one was the end of September.

 I've admired the olive buckets I've seen on a few blogs
and had never seen them around that I can remember anyway.
But, on one particular visit to the flea market I was the
lucky girl to snatch this up and put it in my basket.  I had learned
at the first flea that we attended and I passed on something I 
REALLY wanted and thought I would come back and
get it later.....well, it wasn't there and so I learned
to grab and get when you see something.

 I had more women stop me that day commenting on
my purchase and what great condition it was in.  It was 
so funny, some didn't know what it was, but found it
very interesting!

 It's in perfect condition with just the right amount of rust.
I love it right behind our sofa and when the light shines
through at night it's just perfect!

Then a few weeks later I had a rare chance to stop by
Home Goods.  Low and behold I strolled down an aisle 
of Fall favorite, and spotted this beauty!

 At first I just picked it up and though how odd it 
was that Home Goods would have an olive bucket. 
I wasn't sure that it was "real".....
so I sat it back down, started to walk away and
then decided I'm just going to put that in my cart
and walk around the store for a bit.  I sent a picture of it
to my husbands cell and he called me and said
"Get it!"

 So it came Home with me!
I love that man!
When I got it Home and really took a good look
at it, it still had cobwebs and some sort of dead 
grassy looking stuff stuck on the inside. My husband
is the one that pointed out the patch job that was done
on this side.  It is way rusty, but it's perfect in every way!

I even had a couple of women stop me while 
shopping in Home Goods that day and they
said, "What a COOL wire basket!"
Ha, ha....
They asked if I was going to put it outside and
fill it with pumpkins?
I said, "Oh No this will not be going outside,
it might get ruined!"  
Besides, I had the perfect pumpkin that I also
picked up at the flea market just waiting!

I have more fun flea market finds yet to share so I hope
you stop again! If you had a chance to stop by yesterday
I did a quick post to share that our daughter Amanda
started a blog. She purchased her first home and 
we've been helping her get it ready for her big move.
It's going to be so cute! 
Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to follow her progress.

I'm curious, what have you found at Home Goods or some other
store that was the real deal?

As always Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you have a delightful Fall day!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

There's a New Blog in Town.....

My daughter Amanda started her own blog!
Please take a peek and say Hi....

I'm sure she'd appreciate the Welcome!

As always, Have a Delightful Day!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nature's Candy....

There's a farm stand just down the road from our little town...

It's always an exciting time when the tomatoes start coming in...

 They're a little late this year because of the weather we've been told,
but there were plenty of these in yellow and red...

 I picked up this pretty milk glass dish at Goodwill the other day...

Perfect for holding Nature's Candy!

Have a delightful day!

Monday, August 11, 2014

My New Ironstone....

Is it a Chamber Pot
or a 
Slop Jar?
Hmm, I would rather think Slop Jar, to me it just
sounds better don't you think?  It makes me think of
Victorian woman putting their vegetable peels in this
beautiful ironstone jar with a shiny black handle and
a matching lid and then having there husband or son 
take it out to the farm animals to add to their feed.
But, that is not what a slop jar was used for.....

 they were actually used, according to the Merriam~Webster dictionary
:  a large pail used as a chamber pot or to receive waste water
 from a washbowl or the contents of chamber pots

Not very kitchen friendly sounding really, although
that is where I have decided to use mine. 

 I wasn't real sure at first where I would use it and for what. 
But, it is in great shape, although minus the lid. But that's okay with me!
The lady in the shop where I found it suggested, with a giggle, using it
for kitchen utensils. I have to admit I wasn't thinking in those terms.
But, when I got it Home and washed it out really well, I tried it out
and I liked it!
 And so did my husband, he's the Chef so that meant alot!

 It has a really pretty design.....

 and Great curves.....

 not to mention this great perfectly worn black handle!

 I'm in Love!

 I got it for a Great price too!
I've seen similar for well over $100 with chips and cracks.
This has one!
I've been finding some really great ironstone pieces that I 
will be showing you soon.  I also found this ironstone soap dish.

 It looked really bad, but I took a magic eraser sponge to it
and it cleaned up very nice.  So I decided it would make a
great spoon rest!  

Nothing fancy, but I love it!
What do you think of my use of my new Slop Jar?
What would you use it for?

As always Thanks for stopping by!