Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ironstone & Lu Ray at Goodwill?....

Yesterday I ventured out to the next town over in search of a couple of large garden pots to replace two that didn't fair so well over the winter.  But before I reached that destination I got a little side tracked and stopped at Goodwill.  I never know what treasure I'll find. 

 Lately I've been on the lookout for Ironstone and yesterday was my lucky day.  I found this perfectly pitted oval platter and grabbed it right up.  It's a generous 16 inches across and has some weight to it. By the time I got to checkout with my goodies, my arm was numb from carrying this.  Ha, ha

 A few dings and dark marks didn't scare me....

 I knew it was "As Is"

When I got home I looked up Meakin Bros & Co and according to what I found this platter was made in the 1865 to 1873 period.  So yes, it's going to have a few imperfections.  I'll just have to deal with it.

 The site I looked at also said that:
  The name appears as printed or impressed mark (sometimes as both) sometimes the town name "BURSLEM" is included. 
as you can see this platter has both.  Very cool!

 It cleaned up pretty well I think.

 The other thing I found was this cute little pale yellow creamer.  I seem to have a thing for creamers lately too.  Not just cow creamers, ha ha, I have several plain white creamers also.

 I turned it over and saw this mark.  I wasn't totally sure about this, I'm not a "collector", but I thought I would Google it real quick and see what popped up.  Do you ever Google stuff while your at Goodwill or someplace before you buy it?  Well, it popped up on Ebay for $8.00 and on Replacements site for $15.99.  It is (obviously) Lu Ray (although the R looks like a P) Taylor, Smith & T manufactured between 1938-1960.  It's a delicate 7 ounces and the softest of yellows. My little point and shoot doesn't show the color very well. :(

 But I picked it for a whopping $1.49

 I got this Ironstone bowl last week at a local Thrift type store.  It was down in the basement under something and very dirty.  I like the pattern/shape around the bowl.

 It too has it's share of pits, but it cleaned up really nice.
It's a generous 9 1/2 in diameter.  So it may have been used as 
say a vegetable bowl or something.  Who knows!

 This is the Royal Coat of Arms marking on the bottom.  All I can make out is the word WARRANTED.  If you know about Ironstone more then I obviously do, I would love to hear what you may know about this.  I have looked on google and there are tons of markings, but I haven't found this one yet.  Looks like it had been used alot though.  I wonder what story it has to tell!

Thank you for stopping by.  I'd love it if you would share what you know about my finds.  I am just starting this collection.  We have been slowly changing our everyday dishes to all white and have alot of newer things as well.  But, it's been fun adding in a bit of these older pieces.  I'll be back another time with a few more of my white collection.  Have a delightful day!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Good Morning!....

Every now and then, while at this one particular grocery store, I pick up one of these Gourmet muffins to enjoy the next morning with my coffee. This one is Peach with white chocolate and pecans!  Just thought you'd want to know....

 So, yesterday was a pretty nasty day around here weather wise.  They called for freezing rain and high winds.  We did get rain, but not freezing and we also got the high winds.  Since it was just rain and wind I decided to venture out to HomeGoods.  What else is a girl to do?

 I've seen these faux plant orbs around in magazines and of course blogs, but hadn't seen them in the stores surprisingly unless they had twinkle lights wound thru them.  I didn't want one with lights so I always passed.  But, yesterday was my lucky day and so I brought it home with me.

Funny how just a touch of green, real or faux can add so much to a room.  I do have a couple of real plants in this room, but I needed to fill this spot with something and I thought this was that perfect something.  The white pot was purchased at Menard's for a mere $2.00 and is a very pretty crackly finished ceramic pot.  Since I am sprucing up the house and this room in particular is getting alot of Spring touches, I thought this added just the right amount of green to the space.  

As I was checking out yesterday, the cashier said to me out of the blue, "If your spray this with hairspray it will last alot longer!"  I think I gave her an odd look, because it is obviously plastic and replied, "Even thought it's plastic?"  She assured me that Yes I heard her correctly!  Hmm, who knew!  So my question is, Have you ever heard of spraying plastic plants with hairspray to make them last longer? 

 Our daughter brought these beautiful eggs home from work one day. Apparently someone she works with has chickens who lay these beauties and passed them on to her.  So we were the lucky recipients!  They are so pretty aren't they?  There were more and we've enjoyed them all.  My husband lovingly blew them out for me.  Is he great or what? Then he made wonderful scrambled eggs and omelets for us over the weekend!

This one in front is the palest of blues, so pretty and delicate looking.  I love the speckled ones and the darker one looks cracked, but it's not.  Aren't they perfect!  Natures best!

So I carefully placed them in my vintage gallon jug and added a clear white prayer candle....

I'm lovin' it!
Thanks honey!

Now I'm off to enjoy my coffee and this fabulous muffin!
 What are you enjoying this morning?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not just for canning....

I finally found the Vintage Green Jars!
I had been looking and looking for them and
where do you suppose I finally found them?
Wal Mart of course!
Shhh.....don't tell anyone!

 I bought the pint size....

 Perfect size in front of my windows to catch the sun that
shines in so bright first thing in the morning....
When it shines that is!

 We have a wall of windows and the door to our skating pond pool.
So 3 of these beauties on each side window and a stained 
glass window Brad made in the middle.  

 Isn't that a gorgeous green?
Love them!
They make me smile :)

Have you picked yours up yet?
They make cute summer drinking glasses too....
maybe I should run out and get more!

As always, Thanks for stopping by and
let me know you were here!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Idea, His Idea....

We've all seen the Antlers all over blogland!  We just happened to have some in our garage in the cabinet.  I dug them out one day and suggested to Brad that we hang them in our "family room".  After all it is decorated with some of his signed and numbered wildlife prints that he has collected.

 So I brought them in, dusted them off and put them on the mantel to get a feel of them in the room. They sat there for a few weeks and kind of became part of the room.  They fit!

But it appears he had "another" idea for a set of antlers that should go in this room!  Boy did he!

 He had an auction he had been checking and planned to attend and he and Amanda went on Saturday and I guess you could say, He got Lucky!  This is his idea of Antlers in the room!

 And yes he literally got "Lucky"!  So the story goes, the man who acquired this elk and had it mounted, his name or possibly nickname, was Lucky.  Apparently, he passed away a year or so ago and his wife decided to auction off some of his mounts and such.  She was at the auction and when she saw my husband loading this into our car she came and told him the background of how and where her husband got this elk and how she keeps it clean and in great shape.  There is a tag on the back I noticed that has a date in 1995, so it's been around awhile.  There fore, in our home this Elk will forever be known as Lucky!

 I was afraid it may be a bit too big for the space, but already I have not minded it being here! It actually makes the room look bigger and the ceilings taller, as if being 10 1/2 ft isn't tall enough.

 This is blurry I know...sorry, but now I have to decide if the whole mantel needs to be revamped.
I'm thinking my metal bike may have to go, otherwise maybe bring in a few more "nature inspired" pieces.  What do you think?

Have you ever had a decorating idea that's been just a tad different then your husbands? Would you be okay with his idea of antlers compared to yours?  The only thing I opposed was him hanging it above our other mantel in our living room.  I have slowly gotten it to the point of comfort and the color theme as I want it.  It is where we enjoy sitting by the fire and listening to music on weekend mornings with our coffee and where we end our evenings quite often with a glass of wine.  The living room is not the room for that kind of "Lucky"!!

Have a delightful day and as always, Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think or just say Hi, so I know you were here!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kohl's has Kows or is it Cows?....

This one's for Sheila over at Note Songs!
If you've been getting a kick out of all of her 
~Cow Creamer~
posts that she's been doing, you might even want
to join in and pick up one of these brightly colored
Cow Creamers yourself....

My daughter and I were out shopping the other day and
stopped in at Kohl's and lo and behold
Cows in every color!
So cute these are....
I'm lovin' the spring green and turquoise myself.
If you can believe it I didn't get one....
Nope, not yet anyway!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share in case
you'd want to know.
I'd love to here if you've seen them too and
~of course~
if you just had to have one yourself
what color did you get?

Cows seem to be everywhere these days.
I know I've picked up a few vintage ones 
recently, maybe you've seen my post.
If not take a look back and see what you think!

Have a great Sunday and as always
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Three's a Collection, One's Kinda Not & some Shelfie's....

Last weekend Brad and I went antiquing.  It was a beautiful weekend
 to get out and enjoy a bit of sun.  I was on the lookout for a
 couple of friends for my first little brown cow with the bell. 
 She looked so lonely in that big ol' cupboard.  We went to a
 Mega Antique Mall about an hour or so east of us.

 We looked thru the whole mall and not a one to be seen.  I mean there
 were probably a good 8 or more aisles to look thru, like long grocery
 store aisles.  Nothing! But, up front were some locked display cases.  
We saved those for last and that's where Brad found these 3. 
 In the very first display he looked in.

 She's the one that got me started.....love that little bell!

 Of course I just had to have this one....

 I mean, who could resist those pink lips?

 and of course, I had to mix it up a bit with this one with her
 cute little black spots and those big brown eyes.....

 So there, now I have my 3....I'm done, cuz 3's a collection, right?....

Well,  okay maybe one more that's kinda not....
 because she fiesta red so she's more just for fun!

 And she adds a pop of color on this shelf in my kitchen....

with my Shelfie's....

 I found this pig at Goodwill last week when I popped in.  
I just had to have "her"!

 and Brad found the little bull last weekend while he was
 helping me look for my cow's.....
I love my husband!

I'm not sure that they'll always be
But for now they're pretty darn cute sitting here,
staring at me while I do the dishes!
Hmm, I wonder what other shelfie's are out there to find?
Afterall, 3's a collection and I only have 2!

What collections do you have?
Have you ever seen a Fiesta Cow creamer?

As always, Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday Mallory....

It's hard to believe that today you turn 19!
Where have the years gone? 
You are on an amazing journey in your life right now.
You are doing well in College and now have your first
"Big Girl" job, and I think you like it! You continue to make us 
proud with the things you do in your life!
So here are just a few of the things I wish for you....

 I hope your life journey always makes you have a reason to Smile....

 may you continue to always share your beautiful voice and musical talent with others....

and may you Always have a sense of peace in your soul!

You are a strong talented young woman and I am 
extremely proud of you!

Happy Birthday!
I Love You!