Monday, January 16, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Finale...

Welcome back! Finally the end is here. We had so much fun with the makeover of our Farmhouse Guest Bedroom. I know I went a bit crazy with the posts, but between the excitement of doing this makeover and the length of time I had been gone from blogging, I guess I went a bit overboard. But if you stuck with me I truly appreciate it! The picture below is where I left off from my last post. My husband made a fall arrangement in a chicken feeder we picked up at a Flea Market we went to this past summer. 

This room gets beautiful sunshine all day long and in the summer it gets so hot. We don't have central air, our Home was built in 1879, so I purchased curtains that are energy efficient and are lined to help block those hot rays. It does make a difference with the temperature in the room.

Here is the beautiful Farmhouse bench my husband made.
It makes a perfect Farmhouse statement in this room. 

We had fun adding all those Farmhouse touches, like putting my cow head over the bed with the boxwood wreath around her neck. The Olive Bucket with the twig and flower stems added for texture. And the Farmhouse wall sconce that my husband made from an idea I got from my inspiration photo. But it felt like something was needed in the corner there next to my Mom's dresser.

So we added a barn ladder. My husband had another pulley that we hung and of course a ladder is the perfect place to hang a beautiful quilt or throw.

Here's the room on a normal day. Plenty of sunlight to fill the room.

Do you know what the faux boxwood ball is sitting on? 
It's an ironstone spittoon! I know, odd right?

There's a warm glow in the room at night. Its very cozy!

I fell in love with this metal picnic basket with wooden handles
 at the flea market. 

The blue cow creamer and the pumpkin pillow I ordered from Society6,
add that punch of teal blue color that goes well with the curtains on the windows. 

Thank you again for sticking with me through out this makeover. I had so much fun putting this Farmhouse Guest Room together and hope that maybe you picked up a few good ideas for your Home as well. My hope is that this room provides the comforting feel I hoped it would to whomever may be Our Guest!

Happy decorating!
Hope to see you next time!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Adding those cozy Farmhouse touches....

Welcome back! If you're here I am hoping that you are enjoying my Farmhouse Guest Room makeover. It was really fun to come up with items to make my vision for this room happen. If you've been following along you know that I've been ridiculously excited to post about this room. Below is a picture of where I left off from my previous post. If you want to play catch up you can go here, here, here and Yes, here....excited? Well, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, because this post might end up a bit long!

As I've shared this was my inspiration for the Farmhouse Guest Room.

One of the things that caught my eye, was the hanging lamp by the bed. I had a great idea and when I told my husband about it, he drew this quick drawing. I had an antique lampshade that I had purchased 20+ years ago. It was in really bad condition from a fire and the fabric had melted beyond repair. Sadly, it was at one time a beautiful Victorian shade with a bird that was painted on the material. I went up to the attic and dug it out of a box. The size and shape was perfect!

My husband was on board and got another piece of rough hewn barnwood, bought some pipe and next thing I knew he had the start of my Farmhouse wall sconce hanging on the wall. 

He had a wonderfully patina'd teal colored pulley with the perfect amount of rust and a circle of rope that may at one time been used as a barn swing. That was perfect along with my vintage shade!
All I had to purchase was the light mechanism and it came with the Edison bulb, perfect touch!

I love the soft glow at night!

The room is so big, that as we added in the pieces to the room, it still felt like it needed more.  I asked my husband if he would mind building me a bench to go at the foot of the bed.
 All I had to do was ask...

More rough hewn barnwood and I had exactly what I wanted. It is the perfect size to sit on to put on your shoes and not fear it will tip over. I just love it!

What does every Farmhouse bedroom need? A braided rug and I just happened to have one in a spare room that I had picked up at an Estate sale. I wasn't sure that it would work, but when I put it in the room and the sun hit it coming through the windows....again, Perfect! If I do say so myself!

By this time it is October and we had been to the fleamarket a few times. We picked up a chicken feeder and of course it was the perfect size to hold an arraignment of dried flowers from the season. Would you guess my husband put this together for me? Yep he did....Love him!

I had this galvanized cow that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and sitting it there just seemed to be the perfect spot! Those blinds you see on the radiator may at some point be hung in the 3 windows that take up that wall. The only thing stopping me is they face the side street to our Home, so privacy is an issue. We'll see....another time!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have enjoyed everything so far. I still have a tiny bit to share, so I hope to see you back again at some point to catch up. Thanks for your patience!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part Four...

Welcome to Part 4. I'm sure by now you are saying OMG enough already. I don't blame you, but I'm just so excited how this guest room turned out and to be back blogging again.  I hope in some way you are enjoying these layers of the makeover with me. This is where I left off in Part 3 which you can see here.

Below is a picture of my inspiration for a Farmhouse Guest Room. I was at T.J. Maxx one day, I think it was in the Spring, and I came across this bedding set. I really liked the soft taupey color mixed with the crisper white. There was just something about this picture that caught my attention. But typical of what I do, I didn't get it! At the time I couldn't justify in my head redoing that room at the time. But I went back weeks later and it was still there....and this time it was on clearance! Okay, it was going Home with me! I kept it in the closet for awhile. One reason was because it was so darn hot outside and it was summer and we don't have central air (our Home was built in 1879). But, in that time I was able to dream up exactly how I wanted this Farmhouse Guest Room to turn out. 

I don't know about you, but as soon as a room is to the point of decorating, the bedding goes on! I had the euro shams, the blanket and I had purchased new crisp white sheets and I had already purchased the 21 inch drop bed skirt. I still love a pretty bed skirt! 

Then more fun stuff gets added into the room. I love pillows, so of course I found some in my stash to cozy up the bed a bit. I purchased the black step stool at Ikea a few years ago. I like the punch of black that it adds along with the bed tray that I DIY'd  with a couple of cups and a teal cow coffee creamer. Cows, Farmhouse Guest Room, I think I have a design theme! Hmm!

Another cow appears on the dresser, this one is vintage! I purchased the crisp linen dresser scarf at an Estate Sale and the little lamp with the black shade I've had for years. I'm also a collector of ironstone, so bringing in a white pitcher helped add a bit more Farmhouse feel.  Love!

Here's a side shot of the bed showing the large mirror that belongs to the dresser. I love the reverse image! Of course a nicely scented candle is always a must and an etched glass tumbler is available for a handy drink of water if needed at night by the bedside. 

The furniture that I grew up with in my parents home, suddenly didn't seem so BIG large scale in this bedroom with 10 ft. ceilings. But I wouldn't get rid of it for anything! I brought in one of my vintage Olive Buckets and added a few decorative twigs and a few faux flower stems for texture. Along with the faux hydrangeas in the ironstone pitcher. This room is starting to cozy up!

I moved the cow head that is so often seen around blog land from my kitchen area and I knew she had to go above this Farmhouse bed. To add a bit of color and texture my boxwood wreath had to hang around her neck. 

I got a few pictures hung and of course the nightstands were brought in with lamps. I changed pillows up more then once, as I tend to do. I love getting the pillows at T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods.

Here is a picture of the room where I'm really getting the feel of my vision for my Farmhouse Guest Room. I plan to someday find a set of 3 euros for this bed, but for now I'll work with what I have.

I will let you have a break for now. I hope you come back tomorrow to see what in the world else I add to this room to make it a Farmhouse Guest Room. Thank you for hanging in there with me. I really do appreciate your stopping by! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part Three

Welcome to Part Three! I'm so excited to be sharing this makeover.  It was so fun putting everything together to make this room fresh and new. It was fun working with my husband and giving him my vision of how I wanted this room to look. He enjoyed it as much as I did, I think!

In Part One I shared what we did to the ceiling. You can find that post here.

In Part Two I shared what I did to my parents bedroom set. You can find that post here.

I also shared that I painted the whole room in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It's a very soothing color and I find that it changes with the light through out the day. I love it!

I also shared this picture in my first post back after a too long break from blogging. My attempt at a teaser. I told my husband that I wanted a headboard and what did he think of making what I had in mind? He not only loves working with wood, but he does beautiful work. He was excited to have a  project and set about finding wood to make it.  So this is the beginning frame made out of rough hewn barnwood. Literally straight from the barn. We hosed it down an let it dry in the sun. 
(ignore the mess around it please)

Jasper, our daughter's Goldendoodle is proof that this wood came straight from the barn. He found some interesting smells on the wood I guess...although we never picked up on it! 

My husband had some scrap galvanized panels. My vision was to have that made into a headboard. So I picked the panel I liked the best, some of the others were a bit more rusty then I wanted. I told him that I wanted the panel to go horizontally, he thought it should go the other way. That's the only thing that we really disagreed about. But in the end he said it was the right choice! Love him!

It's very heavy and our daughter had to help get it into the house and up to the bedroom. 
I just love the patina! 

This is how it looks with the bed. The headboard is a generous 72 inches tall and is King size. We have the bed set up on risers. I had to purchase a bed skirt that has a 21 inch drop and I purchased that from Amazon. I can't wait to show you the next part...the fun part...Decorating and where I got my inspiration for this room!

Thank you for stopping by and seeing the makeover of this bedroom. I really appreciate your visits! I myself am having trouble leaving replies and comments, here on my own blog and on certain blogs that need me to select a profile. Nothing seems to work for me. So I apologize if I don't respond to a comment you may leave. I also apologize if you try to leave one and are not able to...if you have an answer to my problem I would greatly appreciate it. I am getting visitors and I appreciate you stopping!

I hope to see you again for the next part of our Making of a Farmhouse Guest Bedroom!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part Two...

Welcome back to the 2nd part of the makeover of our Farmhouse Guest Room.  This room was done in layers so to speak, so the best part to share it with you layers! Part one I shared how we covered the ceiling in beadboard or planking. Now I am going to share with you the furniture in the room.  These are the bedroom dressers and nightstands my parents had when they were married.  As some of you may know, both of my parents have passed away and I inherited their set.  I remember at one time there was a headboard, but not sure what has happened to that exactly.  This set was also my grandmother's set. My Mom's mother's set...It's old and I believe it to be Art Nouveau. The handles are very intricate and appear to be solid brass, but we decided not to polish them up, but to leave them tarnished and aged. 

For some reason most of the handles were missing on this dresser. This was my Dad's dresser, so who knows where they are...I wish I could ask him what happened to them! Very odd!

So my husband had to patch the original holes from the drawer pulls and then sand them smooth and the painting could begin.  The set is very heavy and solid mahogany, but the finish was beyond repair.

 This is the closest I could come to finding something to match up with the larger drawer pulls.  I found them at Hobby Lobby during the half off sale.  I also had to pick up smaller pulls which you can see in the picture above and below.  The originals are twice the size in width, but these are a good replacement I think.

I didn't get a before of the dresser below. This was my Mom's dresser.  There is a large mirror that attaches to it that you will see when I post the finished room.  I did some distressing on it and then repainted the sides because I wasn't crazy about it....I'm new at this painting furniture stuff. Can you tell? ha, ha.  You may notice the lock on the top drawer...My Mom's step-dad kept his liquor locked in that drawer, so the story goes! He died a long time ago, but it's kind of a story to be told so we kept it! ha, ha. This dresser has the original drawer pulls.  They are very cool!

The two nightstands show the most wear and tear on the original finish. There really was no other choice but to paint these pieces.  I believe that's how I ended up with this set. My siblings weren't interested in them, sadly.  I believe my Mom especially would be pleased with how they turned out!

 My Mom was born and raised in Connecticut and a couple of the drawers still had the newspaper liners in them, this was in The New London, Conn. Evening Day, December 21, 1960. I wasn't even thought of then, ha, ha. but my husband was about 2 months old.  I thought this one was very cool!

 I'm very pleased with how all of the pieces turned out. Like I said the nightstands were in the worse condition.  I could run my hand over them and the finish came right off.

I did get the bottoms painted, again no picture.

My husband and I go to a lot of Thrift stores, Flea Markets, Auctions and Estate Sales and we have never come across a set that looks like this or has the same sort of hardware.  I feel truly lucky that I ended up with my parents set.  I think it would mean a lot to them that I have refinished them.  I also think they look great in our new Farmhouse Guest Room! Can 't wait to show you the next layer!

Thank you for stopping by!