Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some call it Putting pearls on a pig!...

So I'm jumping way ahead in the progress of our laundry room makeover. Things have been a bit slow husband has had the flu, then a cold, then I got a version of his illness, then I did something to my back, then I did something to my hip and literally stayed in my PJ's for about 3 days and another few days I had to walk with a cane (thank goodness I collect vintage canes) all the while never leaving my house for about a week. But, once he felt well enough to get started again and got a little progress done in the laundry room, I got the bug to clean up the room enough to make it usable. 

I had to add some pretty to all the ugly that is still going on. I had purchased a new ironing board cover last year...Yes, last year! the color scheme that I new I wanted in my new to me laundry room. HomeGoods has some really nice ironing board covers and for a great price. I buy decorative items for rooms I am redecorating and try and make myself hold off until the room is finished before I start putting them out and using them. Do you do that? Well, in this case I needed to get out a few things to motivate us to get going on this room. In all seriousness, we started tearing this room apart July 21,'s time people to get moving! ironing board got spruced up!

So, I stripped her down (I also forgot to get a before picture)....

Gave her a good wipe down. She desperately needed it! I don't remember exactly how we got her, but we've been married 33 yrs and I've only had her. Maybe she was a wedding gift, maybe she was a hand me down....I really don't know, but we've been thru alot and she's treated me well! I use her everyday...Yes, I still iron! Every morning for my love. It's a ritual by now and I have to say I actually Enjoy it! Yep, I do! It's me and this gal at 6:00 a.m. with the soft glow of the light and the dark outside the window and coffee on the counter by me. Do you still iron?

So I removed the old cover (that was only about 6 yrs old maybe) and the really old spongy (that was now paper thin) padding, how long ago did they stop making the spongy padding?....anyway, now they are a sort of cottony type all sewn into the actual cover. I knew when I was putting on the new cover I was in love....all over again! It just freshened up the whole room! I set my iron and pressed out the wrinkles from being in the package....

and TaDa! Just like new!

Well, almost! She needed new shoes. I mean look at them...they're all cracked and dirty. If your going to get a new dress, you kinda need some new shoes too, right? 
So I slipped them off and sent the measurements to my love and asked him to pretty please stop by and pick up some new shoes for my ironing board. So I needed to measure the opening, because they have different sizes. Side note: My love has a few measuring tapes, but this one was handy.

Much better!

I guess she can be considered Vintage now after all these years. I don't mind the dents and rusty spots one bit...afterall isn'ts that what we all kind of look for now? Well, she has them and they are well earned! I even love the vintage green color...early 80's vintage green! Kind of goes with my Farmhouse themed laundry room....Farmhouse in a little City that is!

She was all ready and waiting for her early morning get together this morning!
I'd enjoy hearing if you still iron and actually enjoy doing it. I know alot of people don't iron anymore...I even iron our pillow cases. There's a certain kind of calmness that happens when I iron!
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of ironing? 


  1. I also enjoy ironing! My husband likes his starched so they stand up in the so dry cleaners are better for that! I have percale sheets that I used in the summer. I iron them. Yes, I do! Tharp is nothing like a crisp pillow case and sheet to crawl under! Love your ironing board. She looks great!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! Glad there's someone out there that irons like I do. It really is relaxing at that time of morning for me. I agree, there's nothing like a crisp sheet or pillow case. Enjoy your day!

  3. I don't iron as much as I used too. It seems like most of my clothes don't need it anymore. Or I have gotten better about getting them out of the dryer quicker. ha!

    Love the new look on your board, I am going to have to hunt for one next time I am at HomeGoods.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'm finding not many iron these days. I saw a friend the other day in the light bulb aisle at the store. I told her I was looking for new bulbs for my laundry room and she said, "You still iron?". She's a little older then me, but the way she said it was kind of it was something so foreign! I thought it was funny! HomeGoods has some very pretty choices. Love that store! Enjoy your day!

  4. I only enjoy ironing linens...flat things. And "enjoy" is probably too strong a word. Your iron looks just like mine...Black and Decker. I still like it after several years. My ironing board needs a new cover. I should look for one because it needs the whole shebang...padding, etc. I'm really here to see if you are here or if you took off again.☺

    1. Yep, I'm here! Just haven't posted much because....Well, not much exciting going on to post! I guess I should find something though to keep my traffic of the few who do stop! I'm also getting inundated with spam posts from who knows where, so it is just filling up my reading list page...How do I get rid of that! I have to actually search through to find a legitimate post from somebody. It's very aggravating!

  5. Lisa I still love to iron too. Although, I don't iron every day, I do iron my husbands shirts when they are freshly laundered, a couple times a week and at other times as needed. Like you, I find it relaxing and cozy. I love the warmth of the iron and the smell of the fresh clothes when they are heated by the iron. It feels like a simple, but loving gesture for my husband and familiar to iron in those crisp, creases on the sleeves and I myself love to wear ironed clothes too.
    I draw the line at bed sheets though. I'll give you table linens, but, I don't see a value in ironing sheets. LOL That's just me. I'm just laying on them and covering them with blankets anyway. I DO get them out of the drier or off the clothesline and folded before they are too wrinkled though. ;)

    1. I don't iron the sheets, but I do iron the pillowcases quite often. My grandmother used to iron my grandpa's underwear....I'm not even joking! I do iron every weekday morning for my husband like I said and have for 30 yrs now. he just celebrated 30 yrs at work! That doesn't happen often either! Enjoy your day and Thank you for stopping!

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