Monday, January 16, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Finale...

Welcome back! Finally the end is here. We had so much fun with the makeover of our Farmhouse Guest Bedroom. I know I went a bit crazy with the posts, but between the excitement of doing this makeover and the length of time I had been gone from blogging, I guess I went a bit overboard. But if you stuck with me I truly appreciate it! The picture below is where I left off from my last post. My husband made a fall arrangement in a chicken feeder we picked up at a Flea Market we went to this past summer. 

This room gets beautiful sunshine all day long and in the summer it gets so hot. We don't have central air, our Home was built in 1879, so I purchased curtains that are energy efficient and are lined to help block those hot rays. It does make a difference with the temperature in the room.

Here is the beautiful Farmhouse bench my husband made.
It makes a perfect Farmhouse statement in this room. 

We had fun adding all those Farmhouse touches, like putting my cow head over the bed with the boxwood wreath around her neck. The Olive Bucket with the twig and flower stems added for texture. And the Farmhouse wall sconce that my husband made from an idea I got from my inspiration photo. But it felt like something was needed in the corner there next to my Mom's dresser.

So we added a barn ladder. My husband had another pulley that we hung and of course a ladder is the perfect place to hang a beautiful quilt or throw.

Here's the room on a normal day. Plenty of sunlight to fill the room.

Do you know what the faux boxwood ball is sitting on? 
It's an ironstone spittoon! I know, odd right?

There's a warm glow in the room at night. Its very cozy!

I fell in love with this metal picnic basket with wooden handles
 at the flea market. 

The blue cow creamer and the pumpkin pillow I ordered from Society6,
add that punch of teal blue color that goes well with the curtains on the windows. 

Thank you again for sticking with me through out this makeover. I had so much fun putting this Farmhouse Guest Room together and hope that maybe you picked up a few good ideas for your Home as well. My hope is that this room provides the comforting feel I hoped it would to whomever may be Our Guest!

Happy decorating!
Hope to see you next time!

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  1. Your guest room is definitely farmhouse in style! I really like all the rustic wood and galvanized pieces mixed together.

  2. Thank you so much Kelly! We really had fun putting this room together. I really appreciate your stopping by!

  3. Two comments lost...

    Things are still skitzy...

    Your room turned out beautifully. I really like your window treatments.

    1. Lovely, how do I fix Skitzy? and if 2 comments are lost (I don't believe I saw them) does that mean others have trouble leaving them? Is that part of skitzy?
      Thank you Vee for having my back! I'm curious what that circle by my name means?


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