Friday, October 10, 2014

Blogs LOADED with Ads.....Thoughts??....

It's just gotten out of hand!  I click on a blog I used to enjoy and it takes so long to load that by the time it does, I only look at the pictures and could care less what they have to say!  Sorry! It's such a pain to me.  Looking at blogs is what I tend to do first thing in the morning. It's like reading the paper to some people, catching up on the news, only it's catching up on some really cool houses of people I don't even know.  I used to enjoy it, but of late I find that I am so tired of waiting for the blog to load because there are so many Ads that have to load.  It's a time waster to me!  I know these wonderful bloggers are getting paid to have these ads....but, come on, really!  What happened to having fun and being yourself in your own blog?  Seriously, alot of these wonderful bloggers are now being dictated by the Ads that "pay them" to post something that they may not have even wanted to post to begin with, just to get the almighty $$$!  I'm BORED with those blogs!  Yes I look, but I am a much better Blog READER when I click on a blog that loads immediately!  It's like a breathe of fresh air to me!
Is it not enough that our magazines are loaded to death with Ads, that we now have to deal with our favorite blogs being full of them too??  Just saying!

P.S. All thoughts are of my own, I am not being paid in any way for my opinions!

As always Have a Delightful Day and Thank you for taking the time to stop by!


  1. Yes, I am experiencing the same thing! The ads are so annoying to me! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Like you, I've quit a few of the blogs that I use to follow due to the number of ads, especially the ones that float across and you have to chase it down to click on the X !! One of my girlfriends told me that it takes a while to down load my blog due to all the pictures that I post. I've tried to cut down on photos - but I'm always thinking -- just one more -- Yikes!!

  3. oh yes I was thinking the same thing...its difficult to read those blogs anymore

  4. I agree with you 100%!!!!! The ads negatively affect my enjoying reading blogs! They bombard from all sides!

  5. I started following your blog recently for two reasons. One, I enjoy reading your posts and seeing how you use all the treasures you find. Two, it is not full of ads. Like you, I do not spend much time at all on blogs that are heavy with ads. I get that many bloggers are using their blogs as income sources, but it's not something that draws me in to their blogs. I've only had my blog for a short time and I've realized that I missed the boat on the time when most blogs were for simple enjoyment, not for making money. I actively seek out blogs like yours that I can spend time on, reading and enjoying without being flashed by pop up ads and scrolling banner ads.

  6. Lisa, I share the same thoughts. It is a money maker for many and I choose to not advertise on my blog. Besides that, you have to post every day and that is a lot of pressure. I don't discredit those that do advertise and am happy for the bigger blogs that are making good money at it. With those ads come cookies, tracking and annoying pop ups and I don't want my readers to have to be subjected to it. A think a simple add on the sidebar is ok, just not those that hover around like George Jetson on his hover board.

  7. I agree. The ads have become overpowering on some blogs. I purposely have chosen blogs that I enjoy reading that have either no ads or maybe one or two off to the side that I don't really notice. It is a source of income for those who have them as part of their blog but I find it annoying trying to get to the post!

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  8. Lisa, I just did a whole survey about this on my blog last week and the response was overwhelming. NOONE likes the ads. There are several blogs that I have taken off my reading list because I just don't have the time, nor inclination, to let them load. I realize that some bloggers do it for the income but most of the bloggers I talk to that have ads make just a very few dollars a month from their ads. Crazy! Not worth it to me!
    Hope you have a great evening. I am trying to play a bit of catch up here. xo Diana

  9. I have ads...
    I mainly seeing it affecting my mobile theme. Unfortunately, I don't like looking at my OWN BLOG via mobile... iphone, or ipad, or android...that's what I mean by mobile. Thing is... I'm bound contractually for a year. I just signed up over the summer.
    Why? because, like NanaDiana said... a few dollars isn't worth it.
    And... it is a nuisance..
    Rethinking my blog this month writing 31 days... even that causes a slow down on my blog I've noticed. But I do that for me... as a way to get my self motivated for whatever.
    Glad you put this out there Lisa. No one has complained on my blog.
    But I do listen to these things.
    I'm not a big blogger... but I think it's important to listen to what others are saying.
    Enjoy reading here.

  10. I am taking this computer to someone who knows how to get those silly (stupid) ads off of my space!!!!! It is driving me nuts. I totally understand what you are saying.

  11. I totally agree with you and it is such a shame. A few of my favorite blogs have so many ads I cannot read their post. Sometimes you have to click the ad off before you can read the ad.

  12. Wll said. I too enjoy reading the blogs in the morning with my coffee. I used to enjoy reading them daily. Now it is more like once a week . It so timely trying to read them by the time they fully load.


  13. Totally agree!! If I have to deal with lots of ads, I will often just skip trying to find the post I was after! I have no problem with one or two tasteful ads off to the side, but any more than that really detracts from the visual appeal of the blog as well.

  14. Oooh I'm so with you on this one!!! It just takes the fun and personalization out of blogging I think?

  15. I stay away from blogs that have lots of Ads as well. One of the blogs I started reading a long time ago was Sugarpie Farmhouse. Thankfully, over the years her popularity has grown, but she does not have ads plastered on it. Another favorite is Susan ads there either, even though she sells her own items. Looks like there a lot like us who do not like ads.

  16. As I was reading this, my eyes were getting bigger and bigger...I had to look at comments to see if I had read it and forgotten. Nope. I was on my own little blogging break. I don't think any of us enjoy the ads. Why can't ads be pleasant and play nice? You know, like those rare tv ads that are better than the programming. Miss seeing you in Blogdom...had to come looking for you.

  17. Hi there Lisa! I came over here to hunt you down! LOL I've missed reading your blogs, and well, as having been felt uninspired and intimidated by the ads and "professional" bloggers myself, I was not surprised to see this post. I spoke of how I felt about ads and the seemingly bottomless budgets of some bloggers before. It was sucking the joy and friendliness out of blogging for me. :( I want to get going again, and looked to you to see what you are up to! I know are up to something! Like me you have a long marriage with your high school sweetie and three busy daughters of almost the same age as mine. Those facts and your love of home and family are what drew me to you in the first place! Add to that, you are a Michigander...we're a match made in Heaven! Please keep on with your blogging. I love your blog so much. It is one of the first I ever found and followed! Let's make a pact to take blogging back to being what it once was! The simple sharing of lives, loves and friends! Ad-free! ;) Sooo...what's new friend?


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