Friday, October 3, 2014

Flea Market or Home Goods??....

Good Morning!
Fall is finally here....
I absolutely love everything Fall!
I am slowly getting my Home decorated for the season.
This was a very busy summer for us.  My FIL,
as some of you may know fractured his C1 vertebrae in
the beginning of June, so I spent most of the summer caring
for him. He lives 1 1/2 hrs from us, so I wasn't Home much!
But, we did make all but one of the flea markets not too
far from us this summer.  The last one was the end of September.

 I've admired the olive buckets I've seen on a few blogs
and had never seen them around that I can remember anyway.
But, on one particular visit to the flea market I was the
lucky girl to snatch this up and put it in my basket.  I had learned
at the first flea that we attended and I passed on something I 
REALLY wanted and thought I would come back and
get it later.....well, it wasn't there and so I learned
to grab and get when you see something.

 I had more women stop me that day commenting on
my purchase and what great condition it was in.  It was 
so funny, some didn't know what it was, but found it
very interesting!

 It's in perfect condition with just the right amount of rust.
I love it right behind our sofa and when the light shines
through at night it's just perfect!

Then a few weeks later I had a rare chance to stop by
Home Goods.  Low and behold I strolled down an aisle 
of Fall favorite, and spotted this beauty!

 At first I just picked it up and though how odd it 
was that Home Goods would have an olive bucket. 
I wasn't sure that it was "real".....
so I sat it back down, started to walk away and
then decided I'm just going to put that in my cart
and walk around the store for a bit.  I sent a picture of it
to my husbands cell and he called me and said
"Get it!"

 So it came Home with me!
I love that man!
When I got it Home and really took a good look
at it, it still had cobwebs and some sort of dead 
grassy looking stuff stuck on the inside. My husband
is the one that pointed out the patch job that was done
on this side.  It is way rusty, but it's perfect in every way!

I even had a couple of women stop me while 
shopping in Home Goods that day and they
said, "What a COOL wire basket!"
Ha, ha....
They asked if I was going to put it outside and
fill it with pumpkins?
I said, "Oh No this will not be going outside,
it might get ruined!"  
Besides, I had the perfect pumpkin that I also
picked up at the flea market just waiting!

I have more fun flea market finds yet to share so I hope
you stop again! If you had a chance to stop by yesterday
I did a quick post to share that our daughter Amanda
started a blog. She purchased her first home and 
we've been helping her get it ready for her big move.
It's going to be so cute! 
Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to follow her progress.

I'm curious, what have you found at Home Goods or some other
store that was the real deal?

As always Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you have a delightful Fall day!


  1. Love you olive bucket and the pumpkin in it too! I just found a Home Goods near me so I will have to check it out. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That olive bucket was a great find! I didn't know that home goods had real items...I thought they were all reproductions!

  3. Wow- That really WAS the real deal. I thought everything at Home Goods was a reproduction of some sort. Glad you found it- xo Diana

  4. How wonderful. I have never run across an olive bucket. If I do I will be sure and snatch it up. xo Laura

  5. I have never seen one of these in person...but think that they look so cool. Great that you got it...and get to use it in your fall decor!
    I went to your daughters blog...I encouraged her to take lots of before and afters... we all love those!

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