Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sing, Strings & Things Coffee House....

after we got Home from my Dad's 
Birthday Celebration
the High School hosted a
~Coffee House~
Anyone who wanted to join could
sign up and perform for an audience 
of about 60+ who attended,
for a small donation of $2.00 or more if you wanted.
With the proceeds going to our Middle School
to help the Guitar Class with supplies.

Food, beverages, and of course,
Coffee were available for a small fee.

My husband and I weren't going to attend
after the 2 hr ride Home from the B-day celebration,
but, Mallory did and called and told us Dad needed to
come and bring his Banjo....
so we went.  The host, Mr. Rousseau, our M.S. band director
saw us come in with a Banjo and invited my husband to 
come up and jam with him!

They got the crowd going and the banjo music
was a Welcomed addition to the night!
My husband had a blast!

Then little did we know....

Mallory and her friend got up and performed....
This is something Mallory absolutely
to do, but hasn't done often in front of a crowd!

Had I known I would have brought my
camcorder and recorded them.  They sang
by Natalie Imbruglia
They were Awesome!!

Mr. Rousseau
making adjustments to the sound if needed

The girls did a fantastic job....
hope they keep it up and sing at the 
other Coffee House performances that
are sure to come!
It was a fun night!
Thanks for stopping!


  1. First happy birthday to your dad. I just love the banjo. Sounds like a fun night.

  2. Sounds like fun! How proud are you.. hubby and daughter on stage?!


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