Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My last post.....

Innocent Me....
had a comment left on my last post....
(which my hubby deleted & I  have NORTON)
it was a possible virus....
My husband was trying to email someone when he 
got home from work and it corrupted what he was trying to email....
Everything he had typed was replaced by something
that the person that left a comment to my post had typed.
I don't understand it all, but it was weird.
I got rid of "word moderation" I believe it is called
where you have to type 
to leave a comment
(sorry but it is annoying to have to do)
on BLOGS that think they need it.....
well, maybe I should be adding it back
BEFORE I loose 
EVERYTHING I have  tried to 
journal on here!
Because someone from some other country
decides MY little blog is important enough 

Thank you....
please don't leave me because of this 
STUPID person!

I woke this morning to my blog "interface"
being Upgraded....
I did not do this as I like the "old" version
I noticed that the message we all see,
those of us who have the Old Version,
states that it will be gone in a month.
Does this mean we are being forced to have
the new Upgraded...don't like it....Version?
What have you  noticed?


  1. I'm still, a little confused as to what happened but I'm not going anywhere. SMILE ;O)

    I woke up Sunday to my blog being changed over to the new version. I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL! The set up is so generic to me. Not a fan.

  2. I am sorry that such a thing could even happen. Did you report that site to Blogger? There is a very easy way to do that now and whoever/whatever it is should be reported.

    Certainly, I'll not leave; however, I am cutting back on commenting where word verifications are used just because it takes so much time. Why not instead switch to comment moderation? Then you could decide what comments look unusual, presuming that offending comment looked unusual.

    You can still go back to the Old Interface for now if you have a gear on the new interface page at the top right of the page. Clicking on that takes you to a menu where you can select the old interface. I'm working back and forth between them. If I can't find what I want in the new interface, I hop back to the old. (Apparently, this is not especially helpful to Blogger as they must truly phase out the old to maintain the new. It is helpful for those of us trying to get used to the new, though.)

    Here's to no more nasty comments!

  3. Oh no. I have never had that but I do get weird comments that I delete on occasion. You will adjust to the new interface. I forced myself to change so I would get used to it and it took about a week and I was fine. Hang on.

  4. Why does Blogger always have to move my cheese? Just when i think i've figured something out- they go and change it! Oh well. So sorry about your nasty virus : ( Hang in there!

  5. Sure hope things are ok now.
    Virus people drive me nuts....what possible use could they have to corrupt our little ole blogs?? Wish they would get a life.


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