Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shed building~Update....

When I left you last, about the shed that is, we had
3 walls up.  We've had several days of rain and cold
plus a busy week, so not a whole lot was done in that time.

But, on Sunday, even though the winds 
were extremely strong and blustery cold,
He got out there and built wall 4
on our back deck....
across the yard from where the shed is.

At this point are you wondering, like me, how in the world
are we going to get that wall over to the shed??

On our trip down for my Dad's B-day Celebration
we stopped by an architectural salvage store
~which is really cool~
and bought 3 windows for our shed.
We are recycling them, obviously, but we got 
them for cheap and only one has broken glass.

These two Hoodlums
were playing hide & seek 
and Delilah just found Loosey
They're Crazy!

~Ta Da~
We basically drug (dragged), whatever,
the whole wall across the yard
to the shed....
I'm not that strong my friends!

More wood for the shed.

Then he built one roof pitch truss thing
whatever they are called.
He's saying....
Put down that camera and bring the ladder!
Does he NOT understand 
blogs need pictures!

So I took him the ladder 
and went back and grabbed my camera
~Win, Win Situation~

That will be the pitch of our shed
Now he has to build a few more....
I don't know how many though!

Also on Sunday we hauled a few more of these
beams home.  Some of these are 14 ft long
the others are 9-10 ft long and they are heavy.
Sunday night, Monday and Today....
my right hip is out!
I tend to carry all things heavy on my right side.
Apparently I used my hip for leverage....
now I am limping along, in pain!
Can you guess what these beams are going to be?
Hope it's worth it!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm lovin' the shed and I have no idea what the beams are for. When we built our shed (and the we part was Mr. Bird Nest) my input was to use a barn slider door (which he now says was his idea) and the paint colors. That's about it! Now I want a "Cubby" (cottage) like they build in Canada at their cottages. I basically want a cabin for the grandkids. I hope your hip improves. Why do they think we're their heavy labor helpers?


  2. Wow! Those beams DO look heavy....now what are you going to use those for? A pergola perhaps? Hmmmm, anyway I'm having serious shed envy....I really need to post a picture of ours on my blog....it is in BAD disrepair.

  3. I also have shed envy! Indeed I do. What a great husband you have! Not all of them can do such things.
    The beams? A raised garden..or three? A beamed fence? (I love those) Ok..now you have to tell us!
    And Sweetheart, IF you have plants and mistreat them, YOU have a green thumb! :)


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