Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time goes by....

Two years ago on the 25th of April, my Mom passed away! It was actually a Sunday, not Wednesday like today.  Her funeral was on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day!  Sunny and warm, after a week of cold and rain like we have recently experienced.  Much like the Sunday she passed, it was dreary and rainy.  On Saturday, this past, we celebrated my Dad's 82nd birthday.  I found myself strangely emotional as the day passed, she died in the evening.  At the time not relating it to my Mom's passing.  But I wonder if in fact as we sat around the table at his celebration and shared some old family memories if in fact my Mom wasn't right there with us!  I think maybe she was! As I believe she is with me today, all of us really.
She's never really very far from our hearts and our thoughts.  That's the way it should be when our Mom's are no longer with us except where they truly never leave....our hearts!

So today, if you're lucky enough to still have your Mom with you please give her a hug.  If you are not close enough by....give her a call.  You'll be glad you did!  I'm hugging my Mom right now!
Love & Miss you Mom!


  1. Oh I still desperately miss my mom after ten years. She was the best friend I'v ever had and is always in my heart. I agree folks need to appreciate their folks while still around.

  2. I just told my mom today how much I appreciate her. She cooked me a big meal tonight, because she knows I haven't been feeling well. Today would have been my dad's 90th birthday. He has been gone 16 years and I still miss him.

  3. My mother has been gone 22 years and every once in a while I will think about picking up the phone and calling to tell her something. She's often on my mind and always, always in my heart.

  4. {{{Hugs}}} It's been 22 years since my Mom passed away and not a day goes by that I don't think about her or my Dad (he's been gone 9 years).


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