Friday, April 27, 2012

Kitchen Update....

 Not long ago I shared with you my excitement over 
Finally getting granite counter tops.

 Except for our island
where the sink is, these 2 spots are
all we have for counter space,
not much I know.  We didn't put
granite on the island, my husband has 
a different plan for that area.
To be shared at a later date!
But, we really needed a back splash behind
our stove.  My husband is the main cook Head Chef
in our Home and there are lots of splashes going on.

 So, he finally found the time to get to the back splash.
We have had it for about a year, just haven't had the time
to get it up.
So, he decided to just do it and pulled out the 
appliances and went to work.

 We love the colors in the tiles....
they're glass and he had to make some cuts
he got a few little shards in his fingers
but, he was okay.

 We went behind the fridge just a little bit.
Makes it look like we did the whole wall.

 I know you see it too....
those white outlets gotta go.

 Much better!
Have you ever priced outlets?
I mean nice, not the cheap plastic covers.
Not cheap.....
these are bronzed metal 
looks much better....
Don't you agree?

 Now, my white extension has to go.
(notice the brown one waiting)
But, the fridge has to be pulled out.
So I have to wait....
until he has time to do that for me!
The fridge is heavy and fits tight in it's space.

We're Really happy with how it turned out.
Adds a lot to our kitchen....
we think anyway!
Stay tuned for the island....
it may be awhile though, so you'll have to be
patient just like me!
Thanks for stopping!
Have a Great weekend!
Our oldest is Graduating from
College tomorrow!


  1. Love it! Looks so nice and the colors go so nicely with all your decor.

    I really need a backsplash. I need to show this to my hub's.

  2. That looks great! I love the tiles you chose and you are lucky to have a husband who can do it. Isn't it just the truth that one project just leads to many more. We work on our house constantly.


  3. Just beautiful!!! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  4. These are really wonderful...both the new counter tops and the backsplash...oh, and the plugin covers. :))
    Wonderful kitchen....

  5. Oh, it looks wonderful! We are doing some kitchen remodeling at our place too, so I can appreciate the thrill of your changes.


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