Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Rest of the Story....

(Dec. 9th)

Well, my husband had his Pow Wow with the powers that be concerning our car.  It went Way better then he thought it was going to Saturday Night as he tossed and turned and lost so much sleep.

The shop owner right off said he would do whatever My husband wanted to take care of the situation.  So when they all got together and talked about it, it turned out positively.

(American grill...wrong one)

Brad pointed out his issues with the engine.  All the "loose" parts....Guys just know these things.  Me...clueless!
The grease stains in the interior.  The wrong front end, which they pointed out was a "Japanese" version and ours was what you see on an American version.  So they took that route, but will change to the Japanese version because it's what we want.

(Japanese grill....correct one)

The best part of it all is our insurance is giving us a lifetime warranty  on the engine parts that my husband has issues with.  So he is now happy!   And it all got ordered today and should take one day to remedy!

Let's sure Hope so!

I wrote the above post on the 13 th.  Then thought, since it is only supposed to be "one day" I will just wait and do one last post about this dang car.  But, today is the 18 th and we just picked it up last night at 5:30 p.m.!

As they were doing the repairs that they should have just done correctly to begin with requested, they realized that the serpentine belt had been damaged during the accident and it need to be replaced.  So the shop owner went ahead and replaced it.  That was the "next day".  When the ins. rep. came to check it out and sign off, he  refused to pay for the serpentine belt because it was on the opposite side of the car that the accident was on. I'm telling you, the things you have to go through to get what should be done, done! So that took another day or so to get it hammered out.  The belt was going to cost us $130.00 if the ins. wouldn't cover it and my husband after all we have been through in this process was danged Not going to pay for it!

(what we wanted)

So in the end, our deductible of $500 was paid for, the $130 for the belt was paid for (by ins. & shop owner....not us!) and we finally after
seventy four

Got our car Husband's Happy (so far),
 I'm Happy (even happier next week when I can go and do)
and I'm sure....
The Shop Owner 
is Happy to have it 
Perhaps You all are as well!!
and I don't Blame you!


  1. So happy to hear that things worked out!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Very happy to know that things have worked out...finally! Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  3. .... and everyone lived Happily Ever After.. The End.

    LOL... Glad it all worked out.


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