Monday, February 20, 2012

Mid-Winter Break....

I'm so excited today!
It's my first day back with 
MY Car....
must sound silly, but I am excited,
the freedom of having a car to my beck and call
makes me Happy!

So, since our youngest daughter also has
mid-winter break today
(really since Friday)
we are going down to visit
the Grandpa's!

I pulled out my
faux Forsythia the other day
and on Saturday the sun was shining so brightly
I snapped a few pictures.

Around these parts 
when the Forsythia starts blooming,
Springs coming....

So I thought I'd give it a bit of a nudge....
Can't hurt right! 

I put them in this rattan flower holder.
I'm not sure where I got it.  I've had it quite a while.
Probably Target or something.
I like that it has a galvanized 
vase of sorts in it that holds the water. 

No sillies, I didn't add any water to these flowers!

It's quite large....
and holds quite a few flowers. 

I brought them out one day last week,
when I was feeling kind of down.
It was actually Snowing outside,
but they seemed to brighten my day.
The little bit of light that was coming through
the windows, made them seem so
vivid and alive.  

Yes, they made me feel better!

So today we are off, with hopes of some Sunshine.
Down the road to spend some time with
my Dad and my FIL
Grandpa & Grandpa
for our daughter.  We will make it a fun trip!
Maybe stop for a Biggby fix....
sf nutty buddy latte' & maybe a hot cocoa!

Feeling good about our time with the one's we love.
And just maybe bring some Sunshine to their
ordinary day!

Hope you have some Sunshine in Your Day too!


  1. Oh perhaps I'll go out and whack at the forsythia today and force some. I've got plenty. It does add a spot of cheer. Happy day to you. I'm sure that the grandpas will love having you. Are you taking them out for lunch? Are they friends? That would be cool. Tuck an adventure into your journey just for the two of you.

  2. Very pretty! The forsythia is starting to bloom around here. :) I love the faux kind though because it does look so real.


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