Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Friends....

 We are having our Big snow of the season today.  Yesterday it was sunny and in the 40's.  That's nice weather for Michigan.  Balmy....almost!  Heat to speak!

 I took these photos when we had our last snow
It's much worse outside today!
I like how this bit of snow 
is just sitting there holding on.
A form of art!

 Taking the place of birdseed in 
my little feeder....
Poor birds!

 My wooden wheel barrow....
waiting for those summer flowers
to replace the cold snow.

 My rain~chain....
is now filled with Snow!

 I love how the snow forms on 
a pine tree....
the needles poking thru,
staying strong.

 Sometimes she's a 
bird bath....
sometimes she's a
But she's always beautiful....
I think!

 Thank you for strolling thru my yard with me today.
I will now go back in to our warm
and enjoy a snow day
with my daughter!

Enjoy your corner of the world....
are you getting snow?....
or are you enjoying warmer temps?


  1. I really like that rain chain.

    We have been SO lucky (so far) this winter. It was 60 yesterday in KY. I'm not a winter person. No significant snowfall has been really nice this year.

  2. Supposedly, it is headed our way for the overnight hours. I'm hoping that it's all a big mistake. =D Very pretty pictures of your yard.


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