Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ok....So, It's Back....BUT....

This is mostly for journaling!
So....64 days later our car is "done"....
But, it is another Snowy Day here in Michigan.
A day that get progressively worse as it goes on.
Husband has to work and the car won't "officially" be ready 
until after 2:00 p.m.
because they want to "clean it" up
before they give it back to us.

Now, the owner called ME in the a.m. to tell me that
it has been check and double checked
to make sure it was 
"okay" to return to us.
I didn't know this but he had asked
my husband if he could
"test" drive it to his home the night before
to make sure all the "bugs" were worked out.
Hubby said, "okay"!
Remember the before picture when the accident happened....

Please pay close attention to the grill of the car....
notice Black really cool 
sort of "honeycombed" looking grill????!!!!

Notice the  grill we received back....
a  standard
run of the mill
most Toyota Camry's have
type grill...... 

 the headlights are
Foggy looking.....
our's were NOT....
they were completely

This is the grill we should have seen
on our car when it was returned to us....
there are other things wrong also,
under the hood....
that are different.
Men know
what's under
their hoods, ladies....
they do!
I know my 
Guy does,
and what he is seeing 
is NOT
what was under
his hood, when the car 
went in to be repaired
64 days ago
on Dec. 9, 2011
Now on,
Feb. 11, 2012
when we actually picked up the car,
and find that
it's NOT
what it should be
we are not Happy!

This too needs to be fixed!
It came back Completely EMPTY of gas....
GREASE stains in the interior,
on the arms of the door
on the center console.
Just stuff that you know if the shop wanted 
to make it right with their "customer"
they would go that EXTRA mile....
I just don't feel that we can
give a decent comment
IF any....
back on this business.
EVEN though
they paid the last portion of
our deductible!
You just expect more
in this day and the way the economy is
out of businesses!!
Just sayin'!


  1. Oh my! I really hope that you and hubby can get things the way they should have been in the first place. If this business does nothing to please, I would report them to the BBB. So sorry this had to happen to you. :-(

  2. Definitely report them to the BBB with all the points covered. Oh I am so sorry that this has been such a disappointment from the git-go.

  3. From reading each post, ya'll definitely got stuck with the worst auto repair guy. I mean, really?
    I would not let it go. I would make them pay for a detail shop (of your choice) to clean up the interior.
    That is just ridiculous. Most auto places will cover your mats and seats before getting in. I agree,
    get them to make it right FIRST, then report them for shotty work to the BBB. I like to give people a chance and
    be understanding, but enough is enough.


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