Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update to Seriously....

I just don't know what to believe anymore with this car!

My husband called me and said that he called the shop owner.  He was told that they got our car all re-wired and it wouldn't start.  So they had to figure out where the problem was. Turns out they had crossed two wires or something. They got that all straightened out, then there was a problem with the heat being mixed up or something.  Now keep in mind, He assured me that he has done this a million times in his 25 yrs of owning this shop!  I had asked him if he had ever done this before and if he knew what to do....he said Yes!

Apparently they got the heat mix up fixed and took it for a test drive and it didn't go down the road as straight as they would like it to, so they sent it to another shop to get an alignment.....that's where it is today!

So tomorrow the insurance rep. is supposed to go and "check it out"....give his approval, settle the bill
AND THEN.....we should be able to pick up our car!

Excuse me if I am just not totally believing this!  I am usually a total~ Glass is half full kind of girl....but, this experience has really made me a 3/4 Empty!

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