Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here we go AGAIN....

Again, this post is for journaling! You all have felt MY pain with me through this and I Thank You for that!  A girl needs to know that there are people out there that Care.  And I know you all do!

But, my husband lost ALOT of sleep last night, tossing and turning and finally getting up at 4 a.m. over his car.  To have it gone for as long as it was, we expected more then what we got back.  You see, his car was  purchased "used" on his birthday Oct. 7 ,2011.  It had only 30,000 miles on it and the engine was in Like New condition.   Pristine for a car engine!  He loved this car and took really good care of it, until his accident on Dec. 9, 2011.  So to have it gone for 64 days being repaired and to come back in less then pristine condition is....Unacceptable!  We are not demanding, obnoxious people.  We just want what we had and ask nothing more and surely nothing less!  We are very patient although it was EXTREMELY hard for me towards the end  people and allowed them to do the work they needed to do to repair our car so it was safe to drive and looked like it should.  But, what we got in return was a car with the wrong front end, the wrong grill altogether and parts to the engine that look like they came out of a car that had WELL OVER 100,000 miles on it for sure.  A radiator with bent "fins" as my husband called them, a fuse box that the lid won't stay attached, and what's looks to be roof tar or something globbed in areas where it shouldn't be at all.  To say we are upset over this is putting it lightly!

Because of the terrible weather we were having on Friday when the car was "ready" to be picked up, we couldn't go until Sat. Needless to say this shop is NOT open on the weekends so there was no one to speak with at that time. Besides the fact that the car itself was covered with snow and ice and it was below freezing out, my husband didn't take a REALLY good look at it until we had it Home.  So disappointing!  Because now with the condition of the engine parts that they did put in it, we know that there is no way that this car looks or will perform like a car that has only 30,000 miles on it!

It is NOT our fault that they didn't "total" the car, as maybe it should have been.  That point was definitely pointed out to my husband when our insurance rep called and said the car was "ready".  It is Not our fault that they chose to go the "cheap" route and put junkyard parts in our engine and think we would call it "good"!  It is NOT our fault that our insurance company ok'd going the route of over $10,000 + in repairs on our car for the workmanship that they got....WE got in return!

SO....Today, we returned the car to the shop and parked it in front of their front door and locked it.  My husband called every phone number that he knew in association to our car and these problems and left messages.  He has typed up a letter (4-5 to be exact) and plans on having a little "pow wow" as he calls it with our insurance people and the shop owner!  We only ask for it to be in the condition it was in, looking like it new engine, correct grill, no grease spots in the interior and so on.  We don't think that is too much to ask?
Do you?
So, I do not know how much longer I will be without a car!  I'm hoping they throw in a rental at least this time!


  1. It seems to me that the insurance company should be doing an investigation into this company. If they charged $10K for the repair
    of the car and they didn't even use NEW original factory parts, someone is making BANK. I dont blame you and your hubs for returning the car to the shop. They took ya'll for a ride.. or tried to.. I hope you get it settled.

  2. I'm glad that you're not letting it go. All the best!

  3. girl... this is so wrong and you have every right to be angry. I know when I had my wreck when I went to pick up mine they had put used parts, my over $200 key was missing a button. It had cat prints and scratches.All the lights onside were still on and I didn't know if was fixed or an electrical problem. It is hard enough to be without a car,but then get one back messed up. No it isn't fair. I hope this all works out soon.
    Also thanks for the words and prayers. Just stopping and seeing your beautiful smile helps.

  4. Oh this is terrible. Our oldest smashed up our car in Nov. The shop we took it to were great and had it back to us in less than two weeks. Something is wrong there but I am sure you know that. Oh you poor guys. Life is so complicated and hard these days it seems. I am going to pick up my 8 yr old van today from the mechanic. $1400 in repairs. Ouch!!


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