Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part Three

Welcome to Part Three! I'm so excited to be sharing this makeover.  It was so fun putting everything together to make this room fresh and new. It was fun working with my husband and giving him my vision of how I wanted this room to look. He enjoyed it as much as I did, I think!

In Part One I shared what we did to the ceiling. You can find that post here.

In Part Two I shared what I did to my parents bedroom set. You can find that post here.

I also shared that I painted the whole room in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It's a very soothing color and I find that it changes with the light through out the day. I love it!

I also shared this picture in my first post back after a too long break from blogging. My attempt at a teaser. I told my husband that I wanted a headboard and what did he think of making what I had in mind? He not only loves working with wood, but he does beautiful work. He was excited to have a  project and set about finding wood to make it.  So this is the beginning frame made out of rough hewn barnwood. Literally straight from the barn. We hosed it down an let it dry in the sun. 
(ignore the mess around it please)

Jasper, our daughter's Goldendoodle is proof that this wood came straight from the barn. He found some interesting smells on the wood I guess...although we never picked up on it! 

My husband had some scrap galvanized panels. My vision was to have that made into a headboard. So I picked the panel I liked the best, some of the others were a bit more rusty then I wanted. I told him that I wanted the panel to go horizontally, he thought it should go the other way. That's the only thing that we really disagreed about. But in the end he said it was the right choice! Love him!

It's very heavy and our daughter had to help get it into the house and up to the bedroom. 
I just love the patina! 

This is how it looks with the bed. The headboard is a generous 72 inches tall and is King size. We have the bed set up on risers. I had to purchase a bed skirt that has a 21 inch drop and I purchased that from Amazon. I can't wait to show you the next part...the fun part...Decorating and where I got my inspiration for this room!

Thank you for stopping by and seeing the makeover of this bedroom. I really appreciate your visits! I myself am having trouble leaving replies and comments, here on my own blog and on certain blogs that need me to select a profile. Nothing seems to work for me. So I apologize if I don't respond to a comment you may leave. I also apologize if you try to leave one and are not able to...if you have an answer to my problem I would greatly appreciate it. I am getting visitors and I appreciate you stopping!

I hope to see you again for the next part of our Making of a Farmhouse Guest Bedroom!

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  1. That room is shaping up nicely. I am assuming that you have it all together now and we just have to wait for you to post. The headboard is inspired...have never seen one like it. What a blessing to be able to use your parents' set (and grandparents). I sleep in my grandparents bed myself. Talk about heritage!


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