Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part Two...

Welcome back to the 2nd part of the makeover of our Farmhouse Guest Room.  This room was done in layers so to speak, so the best part to share it with you layers! Part one I shared how we covered the ceiling in beadboard or planking. Now I am going to share with you the furniture in the room.  These are the bedroom dressers and nightstands my parents had when they were married.  As some of you may know, both of my parents have passed away and I inherited their set.  I remember at one time there was a headboard, but not sure what has happened to that exactly.  This set was also my grandmother's set. My Mom's mother's set...It's old and I believe it to be Art Nouveau. The handles are very intricate and appear to be solid brass, but we decided not to polish them up, but to leave them tarnished and aged. 

For some reason most of the handles were missing on this dresser. This was my Dad's dresser, so who knows where they are...I wish I could ask him what happened to them! Very odd!

So my husband had to patch the original holes from the drawer pulls and then sand them smooth and the painting could begin.  The set is very heavy and solid mahogany, but the finish was beyond repair.

 This is the closest I could come to finding something to match up with the larger drawer pulls.  I found them at Hobby Lobby during the half off sale.  I also had to pick up smaller pulls which you can see in the picture above and below.  The originals are twice the size in width, but these are a good replacement I think.

I didn't get a before of the dresser below. This was my Mom's dresser.  There is a large mirror that attaches to it that you will see when I post the finished room.  I did some distressing on it and then repainted the sides because I wasn't crazy about it....I'm new at this painting furniture stuff. Can you tell? ha, ha.  You may notice the lock on the top drawer...My Mom's step-dad kept his liquor locked in that drawer, so the story goes! He died a long time ago, but it's kind of a story to be told so we kept it! ha, ha. This dresser has the original drawer pulls.  They are very cool!

The two nightstands show the most wear and tear on the original finish. There really was no other choice but to paint these pieces.  I believe that's how I ended up with this set. My siblings weren't interested in them, sadly.  I believe my Mom especially would be pleased with how they turned out!

 My Mom was born and raised in Connecticut and a couple of the drawers still had the newspaper liners in them, this was in The New London, Conn. Evening Day, December 21, 1960. I wasn't even thought of then, ha, ha. but my husband was about 2 months old.  I thought this one was very cool!

 I'm very pleased with how all of the pieces turned out. Like I said the nightstands were in the worse condition.  I could run my hand over them and the finish came right off.

I did get the bottoms painted, again no picture.

My husband and I go to a lot of Thrift stores, Flea Markets, Auctions and Estate Sales and we have never come across a set that looks like this or has the same sort of hardware.  I feel truly lucky that I ended up with my parents set.  I think it would mean a lot to them that I have refinished them.  I also think they look great in our new Farmhouse Guest Room! Can 't wait to show you the next layer!

Thank you for stopping by!

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