Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Making of a Farmhouse Guest Room Part One

Hello and Welcome to our Home!
This past summer we decided to update our daughter's bedroom. She had moved out and more then likely wouldn't be "living" here anymore, so it was time to freshen things up in this room. Below you see the before, but kind of after, when she moved out with her things. The room was nice enough, but as you can see it appears on the dark side and definitely dated. One wall was painted a dark blue and the other 3 walls were a golden brownish color.  It worked with the bedding she had at the time.

There actually is a lot of light in this room. As you can see the 3 large windows that get the afternoon sun into the evening.  The one problem with that is the room gets very warm in the summer months.

I started this room makeover by painting the walls. Immediately the room had a different feel. The most obvious was of course the paint, which is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, brightened this room tremendously.

Our house was built in 1879 and for the most part has a lot of the original woodwork. We have all hardwood floors, except in the bathrooms which have the original tile floors. And of course the original woodwork around the doors and windows, so we lucked out there.

The walls and ceilings are plaster. The walls are in decent condition and we have decided to leave them in our Home where we can. But the ceilings in the bedrooms over the years had been papered and with the obvious settling that a Home the age of ours might have, there was some cracking that went right thru the paper. So rather then tear down the ceiling and have to deal with the mess of all the insulation and plaster mess, we decided to cover it with beadboard planking.

As we went along we stripped off what paper was just too loose for the adhesive to adhere too. Thankfully the plaster under the paper was intact and didn't come crumbling down on us.

The ceilings upstairs are 10 ft. high, The hardest part for me when helping my husband was trying to lock the boards together while he did his magic with the nail gun.  Needless to say I played a small part in doing this major job!

This is a large sized bedroom that measures 14 x 16 and it took 73 or so boards to cover the ceiling. Wow....does it change the look of the whole room! We are so happy with how it turned out and are now planning on doing this in a few other rooms in our Home as well.  It makes such a statement in this Farmhouse styled bedroom. We love it!

I didn't get a picture of the new trim around the ceiling, but a tiny bit was nailed around to cover the gaps. I'm so happy you stopped by today and I can not wait to share the rest of this Farmhouse bedroom makeover with you.  Hope you stop by to see the next step to making this room lighter and brighter. As you know I took a pretty long break from blogging, so please bear with me as I learn this whole thing all over again!


  1. Oh my gear are turning with that ceiling! It looks fantastic. Also very much like the lighter, brighter wall color. The room before was lovely, but dark walls are a challenge.

  2. That's right! I have only one gear. LOL,


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