Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Decisions, decisions....

 Hello.  Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything! My life just hasn't been that exciting to make it even worth trying to come up with something interesting enough to post.  The weather sure hasn't been worth talking about.  After the snow came the rain, lots of that, and now they are talking snow at the end of the week!  What, we've had a day where a coat wasn't even really needed and now snow again....whatever!

Anyway, with what little nice weather we have had called Spring I've been able to open the windows and the doors and let some fresh air into our Home.  There's nothing better, don't you agree?  But with that comes reality....Things need to be freshened up in here, updated!  You know when you get a little tired of the same ol', same ol'?  I'm at that point!  My husband even agrees with me that our bedding that we've had for a few years now....maybe 4 yrs, needs to be replaced.  He says it's up to me, whatever I choose!

I still like what we have, but I'm ready for something different!  I think!  I have looked in several stores and haven't seen anything I've "loved".  I found something online that I do like, but when I showed my guy, he kind of made a funny face, said he wasn't crazy about it and that he didn't think it would "fit" our bedroom. Not sure what he means by that!  Won't "fit" our bedroom....hmmm!  So that leads me to a question!  Do you give your guy/spouse/significant other a "say" in things like that?  In decorating in general? Or do you just do what you think "fits" and you like/love and go with it?  I'd really like to know!  Because I really do try to include what he likes and generally we totally agree, but, now he doesn't want to come out and play commit and I'm on my own and don't know what to do....all by myself!  Ya know!  Usually we have gone dark, with heavy brocade type fabrics with our bedding.  This last set is about the lightest we have ever gone.

I like "lighter"!  I'm ready for that change....I think!  I still like my tray and bird cups....I think! Yep, I do!

When I ask him exactly what he meant by it "won't fit" he doesn't know, tells me it's up to me again.....
Of course it will probably mean some painting will be involved, I always do that! Our bathroom will have to be repainted and towels will have to be purchased....I always do that!  I'm ready for that! New towels are needed anyway!  What to do?  Keep looking or buy what I "think" I want?  Please tell me what you would do....Please, I want to know!

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  1. I do ask my husband...he is exactly like yours! So, I usually go with what I think looks good. Most of the time he is quite happy with the outcome!
    I did hang some plates that coordinated with the bedding over the bed
    side table on his side. He wasn't very keen on it. Complained terribly. I
    finally said, "unless you want to spackle and repaint where the plates are, they are staying!" Haven't heard a word since... ;-)

    Hope you get some warmer weather soon..... 85 here yesterday and HUMID! so not ready for the humidity....

  2. Just yesterday I was noticing how long it had been since you last posted! If I waited for something fascinating to post, I'd never post either! Ha! So you asked about how much I include my better half in decorating decisions. Depends on where it is...unlikely that I'd ask for input on bedding, yet likely I'd ask for the living room. He decided all the colors and trims for outside. Hope that you find something that makes your heart sing.

  3. Nope, I don't ask him at all regarding the non-furniture stuff... however I DO make an effort to pick something that isn't too feminine (i.e. pink and frilly!).... if he had his way everything would strictly be utilitarian!


  4. Well no not really. :)

    I do try to make sure he likes things but in the end he leaves it to me. If you go ahead with what you love he will love it too. My husband doesn't have decorating know?

  5. I am married to an artist, so he has very strong opinions about color, pattern, etc. However, he does like bright colors, which is a plus!

  6. First I show him an inspiration picture of a whole room in a decorating book or magazine to show him the direction I want to go. Then when I find the comforter, curtains etc I show him and tell him how great a find it is. He usually agrees. Our bedroom in this house we bought last November is the first time we went with blue. He wasn't sure about it, but I told him it would be great and he loves it.

  7. I do include my Honey in the process too. Afterall... he lives here and has an opinion just as well.
    But, I've only recently in the past 4 years or so started to do this. Before that I did it all...but I found out by asking, we could have saved years of getting where we wanted in our home. He actually has some great ideas! And we have the same taste in 'style of furnishings'
    He surprises me.
    But in your case... if he is leaving it up to you, which my husband does that too sometimes... ( a lot of times) I take that as a compliment, first of all. Because that says he TRUSTS YOU! So, I'd go with what you like...and I know you'll have it all going together and looking lovely before long...and he'll LIKE IT!

    ...that's my 2 cents...Pat


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