Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thrifty Finds & Tulips too....

Like most everyone else, I am so ready for Spring!
So the other day when I was at our local grocery store I
thought I would check out the fresh flower fridge.  Sometimes 
when I need a little pick me up I will treat myself to a bouquet of
pretty flowers.  On this day they had some pretty, on the edge of done,
tulips. But, they were only 99 cents a bundle, so I bought two!

 Flowers can be thrifty too!

 Our oldest daughter is collecting things for her someday Home!
I love that she is picking up what we've always enjoyed doing and that is
thrifting.  When the girls were younger they preferred
waiting in the car while dad and mom went into
 any antique or thrift store.
Now, they are thrifters too!
LOVE that!

 She scored big recently with this wooden box. It says Michigan Fruit
on the side.  This is also her collection of cookbooks
some are vintage hand me downs, some are not.
She takes after her dad and enjoys cooking too.
He LOVES that!

 These two spools were found at Goodwill recently. My hubby pointed
them out to me and thought they would be great in my new Craft Room.
They are quite large actually and are spun with a coarse feeling yarn.
 I'm not sure were they would have come from, but I grabbed them. 
 I think I paid $8.00 for both.

 Here they are displayed above the cabinets in my Craft Room.

 DO NOT look at the back splash!
We still have to decide what to put there. 
 But, the two "cookie jar" type jars
were picked up for around $4.00 and the
 tall one in the middle was 99 cents.
(see my cupcake liners Vee ?)

 The larger Ball jar above was found in a junk pile my hubby picked up
while out cutting fire wood.  Zinc lid included.  The small blue Ball jar I 
picked up recently at Goodwill for 99 cents, zinc lid also included. 
Love me some zinc lids!

This next find has a little story behind it.
I first saw them when I read a post that Penny posted not long ago.
You know how it is when you're out thrifting and you keep your 
eye open for things.  Anyway, one day I was out doing just
 that and I saw the lid but, not the base of
a Butter Bell.  So I didn't pick it up, not being smart creative at all.
Then a few weeks passed by and
 at the same thrift store I saw the base.
Shoot, why didn't I pick up the lid when I saw it.  Oh well!
Not knowing what I would do with the base and not the lid, I didn't
buy that either.  But, I kept my eye open/on it each time I went into
that store.  Long story short, my hubby and I went into that store
on Saturday and....
 both the lid & the base where there!
~insert happy dance~
But, not together.  The lid was in a different section, I think over by
where they had the candle holders and what not.  Anyway, they had the
lid marked 49 cents and the base marked 99 cents. 
 Of course I picked them both 
up and took them over to my hubby and 
explained what they were and my story.
(I still wonder where the lid disappeared to all those weeks)

 the ~French~ side

When we got to the register to pay, the clerk held the lid in her hand
and had a weird look on her face and asked what it was. 
 I explained that it is actually the lid to the dish 
and that someone just marked them separately.
 At that price I didn't care!
She then said, "They do that sometimes,
 I will just give them both to you for 99 cents!"
Thank you,  I replied!
Then she said, "Actually, your total will be 73 cents!"
 It's "blue tag" day and it was marked with a blue tag! 
 Score for me!
The original price is $21.95 plus s/h and tax!
I can handle 73 cents!

Don't you just love thrifting?

Do you ever pick up thrifty flowers?
I'd enjoy hearing about your ~happy dance~ thrift finds too!
Thanks for stopping today....
I always enjoy your visits!


  1. Wow that certainly was a fabulous find on the butter bell! And tulips for $.99? Lucky you.... I never see them for under $3.99 a bunch and we live close to a "tulip county"!


  2. I learned something today! I've never seen or heard of a butter bell. I followed you link, and then followed her link and then read up on them.
    All with no refrigeration! I love this.
    Nothing more aggravating than having butter that won't spread on bread without tearing it apart.

    love the skeins of thread. My daughter said she passed up a whole drawer full (plastic stacking drawers) of yarn at the GW last week. $8.00...I said, "What?!" just the drawers were worth $8. The yarn? PRICELESS!
    She didn't buy it...but she knows better now.

    oh well...I'm sure someone was really blessed to buy that.
    Love the jars too.


  3. As I ADORE butter bells, that find would have had me over the moon. What a bargain! How fun to have your daughter be following in your footsteps. Yes, I did see your cupcake you craft with them? Oh, have you seen the bead board wallpaper? Makes a great backsplash without all the effort of putting up bead board.

  4. I really do love thrifting but haven't been in a while! This makes me want to go! You found some good deals!

  5. I don't know why it's called thrifting when it should be called treasure hunting :) Happy dance for you with all your great treasures.

  6. Yes, love thrifting! You found so many great things! The flowers at 99cents a bunch was such a deal! I love it when I can get fresh flowers for a wonderful price.

  7. Darn - lol. I paid full price for mine! I am glad you finally found both pieces. It was meant to be. The tulips are so pretty!

  8. p.s. I thought I was following you and I wasn't, so now I am!

  9. Yes in deed I pick up thrifty flowers. Found a bouquet at our local market Saturday morning.
    I love flowers any time of year, but right now, I'm needing them more than ever with all
    the dark dreary days we've been having. I hear thats changing end of the week though... fingers crossed.

    Oh.. and I've never seen or heard of a butter bell, but it sure is cute!

  10. I love anything thrifty and those tulips look so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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