Friday, February 8, 2013

It went kinda like this....

The morning alarm goes off and we turn on the news.  Knowing we were to get more Snow thru the night I said to my guy, "Honey, you might want to go out and snow blow before you get ready for work!"
My guy said to me, "No, we didn't get more then another inch of snow!"
I said to my guy, "Okay!"

You see our morning routine is me going down and getting 2 cups of coffee and letting the dogs outside and then going upstairs to enjoy a cup of morning java with my guy.  Having done all that already, I knew it looked like this outside:

 ~we got another 6-8 inches~
So he gets his shower and gets ready for work.  It doesn't occur to him to look outside as he is doing all of this.  So I just go about my business.  He leaves and I tell him to drive safe and watch him tread thru the Snow to his car.  In his dress clothes and shoes no less!  Hoping he arrives safely to work.  But, next thing I know he is back in the house and changing into....

 Snow blowing clothes....

 Because, he got stuck at the end of our little driveway! Hmm, wonder if somebody should have suggested he do that earlier? Oh wait....someone did! ;)  I tried anyway! Sometimes they just have to discover things for themselves!

While he was using the snow blower,
 I used the shovel to clear off the steps.   
And snap a few pictures!

Just in case the mail gets delivered today!

Hope your having a great morning!
Stay warm and as always, Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Funny post and gorgeous pictures

  2. Sounds like someone in my house. Love looking at your snow. So wish we could get one good snow!! However, it was 68 yesterday and felt spring like.

  3. Yep sounds like my man. He just gives me this look.

  4. Yes, they don't always have a grasp on things as they believe that they do. John says that this storm is going out to sea and will amount to nothing.'s already four inches of "nothing" now.

  5. Loved this post! So typical. Enjoy our Michigan weather, Dawn

  6. I love the look of slow dawning as the light bulb goes on over my husband's head sometimes!


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