Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint?....

Your Vote is Needed!
I've only painted one other piece of furniture in our Home.
So just the thought of it makes me nervous.
I was all set to paint, but then that nervous doubt kicked in.

 This is one of two chairs left that went with the first used antique 
dining set we purchased years ago. I'm not even sure what
 happened to the other two.  She's kind of drab, but she's got great lines.  
~Don"t you think?~
My oldest says to's ugly! 
 That's kind of harsh, but then again, she doesn't appreciate antiques!

 I knew for sure the seat needed to be recovered. 
 I recovered them when we first brought them to our Home, years ago.
  It was definitely time!

 I picked something colorful and perky! 
 That's my new mood!

I had every intention on painting her the accent color of my room.  
Turquoise called Palmetto!
But, now I don't know, I kind of like her this way too.

 I dressed her up with a cute little stitched pillow.  

 Looks so much better to me!
What would you do?

I'll just have to sit here awhile and think about it.
I'd love to hear your votes, either way!

What are you doing today?


  1. If you like it as it is why mess with painting? I think it would look great painted and it looks fine as it is. The new fabric is terrific.

  2. Lisa, I haven't painted any of our furniture either..but I want to. The thing is, once it's painted there's no going back. Everyone loves the chalk paint and there are recipes for making your own. Everybody says you can't goof it up. BUT it looks really cute with the pillow and if you like it that's all that matters.

    Oh yeah, I painted my office chair the other day. Spray paint!! It worked.

  3. I painted my bedroom furniture a year ago, and I love it. If it were mine, I'd paint it. I like the idea of using
    your accent color. It will be cheery and make you smile each time you see it. :O)

  4. I have a chair in my garage waiting (& waiting...) to be painted. I know I want to paint it, but am putting off choosing a color. You have a color and aren't sure about painting. I'd say... go for it. It sounds like it would be very cheery. I love the fabric you used. If you do paint it, I hope you'll share the process. Maybe that will inspire me to get going. LOL.

  5. I know it's THE THING now to paint everything white or whatever-- but that's a really pretty chair and it appears to be an older piece. I'd do some research into the age and the style of the chair. You can always change the seat out like you are doing. Even attach a matching back to it and let it hang to give it more color. But this has to be your call-----

  6. I think you should paint your chair. I love the material on the seat. Your new room looks wonderful.

  7. I'd vote to paint it. I think the chair has some beautiful details that will be emphasized by paint. Whatever you decide will be lovely. j

  8. I don't believe in painting everything, but I think painting this chair would be perfect.

  9. I have the same problem with what I call the Tyrolian nightmare desk and chair. Everyone says to leave it but I hate it. I say we paint them. That way it is something we love.

  10. Hmmmmmm that is a tough one! You have probably already decided by now but I think I would leave it. Painted furniture is a phase. I tell myself that regularly! :) Your fabric completely changed the look of the chair! It looks great! But, I do think it would look good painted too! I'm no help!

  11. I think you are going to love it once painted in a lighter color, especially with that cute fabric.....go for it. :) Love your basset hound. My son has a 1 year old hound who came to visit us last weekend. Her name is Penelope and she's as sweet as can be. Loved that I live on a farmette and she could run and play and chase the birds as much as she wanted. She also loved sleeping on my white sofas. :( How do those short little legs jump so high. :) Happy Sunday

  12. Hi Lisa! It's hard sometimes to know what to do about a piece. It is a pretty chair and I say go for it! ;) I do like the fabric you used on the seat! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. That is a tough call. The fabric goes perfectly with the unpainted chair, but the turquoise would have been a great color for the chair too. Wish we could see it both ways. (and isn't that always the problem!) :-)

  14. From looking at pictures of your home. And your other furniture. I would leave it. And this is coming from someone who loves painted furniture. :)


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