Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She ain't much,....

but she's all I got!
I can hear the giggles now. 
 Or maybe some of you are alittle bit giddy to see a relic like this!
Okay...not so much and that's fine!

I like to come into my new craft room in the early morning
 hours after my guy leaves for work and our daughter is off to school.
Although today there is a "snow"/heavy rain day.

~It's very peaceful at this early hour~

I thought I would share with you my sewing machine.
My MIL gave it to me years ago. I believe our oldest was just a baby.
Now, I must admit, I am not a sew~er so to speak.
I can sew and have, but only a few things in my lifetime.
Maybe because this little machine of mine only goes
~Forward & Back~

 No buttons holes can be made....
to my knowledge!
But, she does work still!

 I'm probably the one that's rusty!

 Yep, I'm pretty sure it's me!
(don't let this picture fool you, I handstitched this years ago)

Luckily, I still have the book....
 Are any of you familiar with this machine?

 She's definitely vintage!
(apparently one of my girls thought this was a coloring book)

 I do have to check out how to thread her from time to time
Thank goodness for this illustration!

~ It's kind of fun winding the bobbins~

 I'm guessing she came with attachments at one time.
where are they now?

 Were you aware of this?
Singer sewing machines are not sold in departments stores!
I bet they are now!

 This little sewing cabinet was given to my Mom
 years ago by a lady I called Grandma. 
 All of my grandparents passed away before I was even born.
One of the first people my Mom met when she moved
 to Michigan after marrying my Dad took our family
 under her wing and said we could call her Grandma!
She's the only Grandma I knew!
She's been gone since my Hillary was just little. 
 I loved her dearly, so having this
little cabinet means the world to me!

So tell me, what do you think of my little 
~Singer Sewing Machine~

Like I said, She ain't much, but she's all I got!
and she works....


  1. I think she's great! What's her name? ( Suzanne, The Farmer's Wife, always names her machines.) Those are excellent illustrations. Sometimes I have to go to You Tube to relearn how to thread mine.

    1. I haven't thought about naming her. Hmm, what would be a good name do you think? Let me know if you have a good one. Thanks for all of you visits Vee!


  2. What a sweet history of your machine! I can only sew forward and back also :)

    1. Thank you for stopping! I wonder what some of the instruction books look like these days. Not being an accomplished seamstress, I appreciate these illustrations. It does what I need it to do! Have a great day!


  3. I like it. I think, but I'm not sure, my mother may have had a machine like this. Does it have a carrying case, that latches over the top of it?
    Just curious.
    My Granny gave me a Sears Kenmore machine, years ago...it was the most lovely shade of green...it only went forward and backward and I wasn't much into sewing...I gave it away.
    I've always regretted that. But now, I sew on my Granny's machine. The one she sat at to sew...
    I like your machine and the cabinet. Your new craft room is so special.
    I have loved seeing it.
    have a great week, Pat

    1. Thank you Pat, I am having so much fun in my craft room. But, I am sure the posts are a bit boring for anyone who may stop to visit. Enough already, right! Anyway, my sewing machine has a carrying case that is a yellowish gold. It slides in and then latches at the top in two spots. I've never had a place to keep it out in view. I do have my Mom's old singer sewing machine cabinet, you know the kind with the cast iron base and foot pedal. She kept her newer machine in it. My sister kept her machine (I think) and gave me the cabinet. But, it's too big for my craft room. So I thought using the little sewing supplies cabinet would be good to hold the machine. Now I just need to make a dust cover for it. Good craft to do! Thanks for all of your visit, I do appreciate them!


  4. Aww...she's a cutie! Those old Singers are great machines. I had one when I first got married. Don't know what happened to it! :) Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I enjoy your post and am glad to have you visit as well! Have a lovely day!

  5. Your machine is a 301, one of my favorites!! Years ago when I was first bit by the LBSM(little black sewing machine) bug, I couldn't afford one of those stinky featherweights. Got me a beige and coffee version of your machine. She still can sew through anything, and if I do something stupid, she just gets fixed at home--no $500 bill to the repair man like with my Viking.


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