Friday, February 8, 2013

Trail Blazers....

Or maybe just Basset Hounds....
 I wonder which one was the creative one?
Loosey went out first, probably her.

 Then Delilah, the copy cat, had to go out too.
When she realized Loosey was out.
She's funny like that!
That dark spot in there is Delilah....

 She's not as adventurous today, so she's heading back.

But Loosey made a trail around the whole yard.
She's tired now!
I was looking out an upstairs window and her path is
just how we see it in the summer when they are out in
the yard.  They have this same path that they walk.
It's funny to see she did it in the snow too.
Hounds are funny.  Their legs aren't very long at all. 
She sort of hopped like a bunny.
She's 7 yrs old, almost 8, she still likes to play though.

I shoveled the snow off this deck at 6:30 a.m.
While my guy was out snow blowing so he could go to work.
The sun hits this deck all day.  It's almost completely dry.
Glad I got that done!

How's the weather where your at?
Did you get any of this snow?

Thanks for stopping!


  1. In.ove bassetts, I had one years ago named Floyd. No snow here in Sc. However I do miss it back in PA.

  2. Oh that has got to be some cold on the tummy! Dogs either love or hate snow. Molly hates it. Still snowing here...

  3. We got about 6" down in this part of Michigan. Sure feel sorry for our friends on the east coast! Stay safe, Dawn

  4. We had a Basset a few years ago. Her name was Chloe. She was so sweet and affectionate! Sadly, she had thyroid cancer and we had to put her down. But we treasured the time we had with her!

    Our dachshund, Frida likes to jump in the snow as well!

  5. Poor dears!! Having to go outside to go to the bathroom and having to drag your belly thorugh the cold and try to get the right smell and find a place to finally do it!

  6. How adorable your dogs are. It's funny how they have the same path in your back yard, mine do too. At least they can come in to warm up after doing their business. Your shed looks great. My husband finished ours this past year also.

    We did not get quite as much snow here in Montana, I feel so sorry for the people in New England for their 3 feet of snow.

  7. Cute doggies. They are a joy to have around aren't they? Well most of the time anyway.

    Looks like you have quite a bit of snow. We got some last Monday, but it is long gone. (thankfully)
    Its about 47 here today, sunny and quite windy. I'll take it over snow anytime.

  8. That is sooo cute! I didn't realize a dog would do that. Our big girl would just gingerly walk out on the deck, knowing it was slippery before she made her way to the yard. As a husky mix snow was her friend. I sure my miss my girl!


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