Friday, November 30, 2012

I don't know what I did....

My hubby and I were trying to figure out how to get pictures to
show up on my blog last Friday night.  Being the non-techie that I 
am, I let him do all the clicking.  Yesterday I was totally frustrated
that I couldn't post pictures on my blog, which to me means
Why Blog At All....Right??
I mean who wants to read a blog with No Pictures??

Anyway, I re-read the comments I received by my 
well meaning readers and tried to follow what 
my  friend Vee was trying to explain.

So, I clicked on Picasa 3....
and only 2 pictures were there!
The other night, before hubby helped, there were
TONS of pictures!  So I started clicking around and even
went in and "restored" Picasa that he must have deleted
and it started asking me all these questions 
Making me resign up and renew my 
I clicked what I had to and clicked 
and here I am!
and all of my pictures were there too....
Funny how we don't have control over our own
pictures to use when it comes to

Not exactly sure what I did or promised or gave up rights to,
I am back with Pictures and I am sure I will find out
what child I gave up damage I did soon!

Now I play catch up, bare with me!

This was our Thanksgiving Menu
designed by my Hubby....

 and this was our 
Thanksgiving Table....

One more question??

Does this mean I can no longer enlarge
the pictures I post, because I might use up 
too much of my 1 GB allowed??

Thanks for all of your knowledge and guidance
I am a lost blogger for sure!
Just when I thought I had it down....
silly me!


  1. Oh my...this is new to signed up with something? Does that mean you'll be billed? The only way that you use up your space is to have photos that are larger than 800 by 800, which is why it's important to try to stay beneath that size when posting photos. Also, it's important to remove headers that will no longer be used from Picasa. So many people think that deleting photos from the blog solves the problem, but not so! The reason is because the photos are stored at Picasa so the images must be removed there.

    Do fill us in on the final story.

    Love the menu! Love the table! It all looks so perfectly Thanksgiving-y!

  2. Oh that last can test this for yourself as I recently did. If you upload a photo at 600 and then select the "show largest size" it will still only be 600. Just go to Picasa and check the particulars. I should do a post on this...if I though I knew enough, I would.

  3. Love the menu sign !!! Have a great afternoon

  4. Lisa, I have the Google, Drive, Picasa storage plan. I've had it for 2 years. Mine automatically updates
    each year for $5. It allows 20GB per year and I've only used 1.52 GB and I'm due to renew end of this month.
    You know how large my pics are. I'm not sure what plan you upgraded to. My plan is the lowest you
    can purchase and allows for way more storage than I can begin to use. Wish I could be of more help.

  5. After a couple of years of blogging, I had used up too much space and Blogger wouldn't allow me to change my Title photo, so I paid for $5.extra whatever it is that you pay $5. for and have renewed it every year with no problems. I've been happy with it!! And I know I can post what ever I want --- when I want!!
    BTW-You had a lovely Thanksgiving table!

  6. I use "Windows Live Writer" for my blog and I love it! Here is the link if you are interested. I find it to be very user friendly, especially for loading up pictures and changing the size of them.
    Your Thanksgiving looked beautiful!

  7. Found you when blogger wouldn't let me sign on again. I don't know why I wasn't seeing your posts. Oh well, I'm glad I have that worked out. I have no idea about the photos. I just learn as I mess stuff up. Took me forever to learn how to link Pinterest to my blog. Big hugs!


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