Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanks to ALOT of help from a Friend....

This is mostly a test post!
I have had so much trouble lately with posting pictures on my 
blog, I even got to the point of wondering if it was worth
Blogging anymore!  

I cried for HELP to a friend here in blogland.
I call her my friend, although I've never met her in person.
She's one of my "reader's" and I can always count on her to 
at least make herself known by leaving a sweet comment no matter
how dull and boring my post may be.

Anyway, she spent a few hours emailing back and forth 
with me Friday night answering my questions and helping me 
to better understand what I was doing wrong or at least 
could change what I was doing to fix my problem.

 She taught me how to re-size my pictures
uploading them somewhere.
Then you can make them larger when you do your post
IF the above photo.

 OR leave them alone and that's fine too!

 How am I doing Vee?
My blogland Friend!

I like BIG pictures!
I just don't like to have to "pay" for them!

I saw this idea of the melted snowman at a craft sale a few weeks ago.
I copied!

Hope your having a delightful weekend.  I started decorating
yesterday and today my Sweet Hubby is sanding our
stairway  for a project I have yet to post about.
Imagine the huge amount of sanding dust Snow covering
everything in my Home!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. *Cheers* *Clapping* *Hoorays* *Yee-Haw!* It sure is looking cute over here. Very nicely done, Lisa. I've had a great deal of help along the way and I enjoy passing it on. Have a great time decorating. (Could hubby have chosen a better time to sand? < insert crossed eyes > )

  2. Yee-haw! I must be thinking of BJ's move.

  3. Okay, I need glasses. That exclamation point looks like an l !

  4. love it. Hey I'm Having a Christmas giving ,A 100.00 Visa Please share Thank you.

  5. Great Snowman! I may have to copy your copy Lisa.

  6. Wow. Love your pictures! Would love to know what you learned. WAnna share?

  7. Looks like you've got it!! I'm like you - like BIG photos!! But I'm old and can't see if the pictures are too small. Neat snowman lurking in the back!!

  8. Looks good from here !! Have a great start to your week

  9. Yay! Looks great! I know how frustrating it is when blog things don't work and you don't know what's going on. That Vee is one nice lady!

  10. I am glad you solved your problem/ How nice of a blogging friend to help you. Aren't they just the greatest? Love the melted snowman in a cloche idea. Over a 100 snowmen? Wow! I would love to see them!...Christine


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