Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Mom's Corn Stick Cast Iron Pan....

I've had this pan in my possession for more years then I remember.
It has sat in my area that I keep things until I want them everything
laundry room cupboard area.  I decided the other day during our rain
downpour when it was chilly, to pull it out and clean it up.  My hubby
decided to give it a try and since it was a bit rusty (not too bad), he oiled
and salted it and heated it on high on top of the stove. 
 It cleaned up okay,
but just touching it made our hands smell metallic. 
 Nope won't cook anything and have it taste like that. 
 So yesterday when I had a few minutes
 I decided to give it a try.  First I had Googled the best way to season a
cast iron pan.  Here's what I did....
I washed it in hot soapy water using a toothbrush, then an SOS pad.
Then I put it over our center burner on our stove
 and burned off the water,
then I coated it with vegetable oil and put it in a 500 degree oven for
about 30 minutes and then let it cool in the heated oven.  
This is how it looked when it was done:

 I didn't think to take before pictures,
 but it was dry and a bit rusty looking.
Now it is nice and seasoned.  And no more metallic smell! 
The article I read on seasoning it said that
the process may have to be done up to 4 times.  I only did it once and 
crossed my fingers....I wanted to try it!

I chose to use just the cheapy Jiffy cornbread mix....
just in case they stuck like glue and wouldn't come out.
I spray it with Canola Oil....
put it in the oven to preheat, as instructed for 10 mins....

 I put them in the oven and crossed my fingers....
Using the temp. and time as per instructions on the box.  

 Golden brown on top....
Looking Good!

 I Almost screamed.....
they actually came out, with No problem!

 Nice and crispy brown!

Very nice!

 Next time we will go with maybe a homemade recipe.
Add a bit of flavor and spice....
the options are endless!

And the best thing is, it cleaned up with a good rinse of 
Hot Water....

This pan has a patent date of July 6, 1920 on the back
It is by Wagner Ware.
I don't remember my Mom using it too often, probably because 
the Corn Stick stuck in the pan.  That seems to be the complaint.

Do any of you have one of these pans?
Do you use cast iron pans of any kind for your cooking?

It is kind of fun....glad I have it!
Oh yeah, if you have a good recipe for Corn Sticks and don't mind
sharing, I'd love to give it a try!


  1. I love my cast iron. Skillet, dutch oven, and even the little corn iron like yours which I've had for 30 years. Last time I used it it stuck! I never use it because I'd need at least 3 to make enough. There is a wonderful restaurant in Saledo Texas that serves little corn shaped cornbread muffins like yours with a cup of warm chicken broth to dip in for an appetizer. I love em'!

    1. Sounds like a delicious appetizer! We have purchased several cast iron pans in the last few years. Our favorite is a simple skillet for frying potatoes on the weekend for breakfast. Good stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I do love cast iron skillets. I have a large one and a small one and I need a lot more. =D I've seen ones like yours and wondered how they'd be...lots of nice crispy edges would be the draw, I'm sure. Plus each one looks so cute. I know that you consider this a treasure as well you should and now you've got it back to being a working treasure. Your mom must be grinning.

  3. Those look great! !! Cant beat cast iron pans! We use them with corn bread all the time. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Lisa - I always use my mom's cast iron frypan. It was a wedding gift inn 1946. I always use it to make my cheddar cornbread - it's on my blog J

  5. I don't own a cast-iron pan, but my grandmother had several. All seasoned.
    She was always careful when caring for them.
    I have yet to have a piece of corn bread as good as hers. (from those pans)
    I love your mothers pan, and its so nice that you can put it to good use.


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