Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maybe Next Year....

You may remember my Wheelbarrow Makeover.
I had cleaned up my rusty old wheelbarrow. It has wood sides
that had rotted away and my husband replaced them.
I was so excited and planted it with 
~2 packages~
of Zinnia's.  I had never planted them before
but had seen the gorgeous blooms to be
over at Bird Nest Cottage
and was inspired to give it a try!

 I new I had started them too late, as hers were already 
quite tall at the time.  But I thought 
~What the heck~
and gave it my best!  Lots of water because of the hot 
dry weather we've experienced this summer.
I had lots of green appearing.  
Turns out most of them were weeds!
 This is all I got out of
2 packets of seeds
 Lots of bare spots....
just a few blooms!
Oh well, maybe next year!
I have to remember to start earlier.

Well, on to mums they are starting to appear
in our stores around here lately!  

Have you purchased your mums yet??
Falls just around the corner!


  1. Oh well you will get them next year! Mums not yet i wait alittle because my little ones pre school has a mum sale every year! Have a great day

    1. They are so tempting those mums! Love them!

  2. I like the wagon load of blooms. And maybe next year you'll have to plant way more seeds and see what happens. I love zinneas. They're so cheering! I haven't bought any mums because they don't winter over in our area and they'll only be around for a very short time. But I did buy a few asters last year and they're almost ready to bloom. Love the deep purple color I'm seeing!

    1. I have what I thought were mums that we purchased probably 4 yrs ago. They always bloom early, they are right now in fact. I wonder if they are asters?? Thanks for the visit!

  3. I never purchase mums before September as they just go by too quickly. Must be frugal. Yes, if you had started the zinnias a little earlier they would have filled out. Mine are everywhere now. They go like gangbusters. Perhaps three or four seed packets couldn't hurt either.

  4. This has been a hard year for growing. I would definitely wait on the mums as they don't last long. I do love the wheelbarrow. :)

  5. Our market has mums out for sale, fully bloomed. Uh.. I dont think so. I dont want
    forced green house mums that will be dried up and dead by Sept. 1. I think mums
    would look gorgeous in your wheel barrel!!.. maybe a couple pumpkins too.

    1. They are so tempting! I just love Fall....bring it on!


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