Thursday, August 16, 2012

From a Mom of 3 Girls....

This is purely mid-day Venting!

Why is it that you have to ask "nicely" 3 times for something to get done
then state that you are going to the store and would like to see it done
when you get back then 1 1/2 hrs later when you do return what you asked
for is still not done and you have to 
~remind nicely~
to get it done and then you explain that something that has been
noticeably laying somewhere by that daughter and it shouldn't 
even be there (because it's not her room), and you ask
~God Forbid~
for something else that that said daughter left out
to be kindly put back where it goes and she walks
right by it and goes back upstairs and on her way states that
is trying to get ready to go somewhere and I (her Mother)
knows this and am asking her to do (as if I just asked)
~A Million~
Yes, A Million! Things!!

I don't know how all of you do Math....
but, I only counted 
3 things
Yep, Three!!
and I had to ask A Million Times!
Life is terribly tough when you are a teenager!
Just Venting!


  1. This definitely gave me some giggles....welcome to my life....yesterday it was 'I want all the towels in the house done...washed/dried/folded/put away.'....were they all done? Nope...the excuse..."oh...I didn't know you meant those also" enjoyed your vent.

  2. You must be sweeter than I was.

  3. Story.Of.My.Life....i totally sympathize with you! Hang in there : )

  4. Teens can seriously ONLY handle ONE thing at a time. AND... we are lucky if they
    can accomplish THAT task before they become sidetracked with answering a text,
    combing their hair, etc. Multitasking for boy absolutely does not exist and for teen
    girls they just do NOT learn it until their 20's.

    Lisa, I hear ya, and we go through the same things in our home. I learned a
    trick from a mama that had teens when mine were small. When I repeatedly
    ask for an item to be "put up" and I find it still lying were it was left, I confiscate
    it. Before long, they are looking for said item, and what do ya know.. mama's got it.
    Now, you have to do something nice for ME to get it back. Mean?.. Maybe, but
    I have found it to work. (BIG WINK!)

    1. I should have added to my post that none of this goes over well with Pre Menopausal girls and a Peri Menopausal Momma!! Just saying!

    2. See how flustered I am....above I mean't Pre Menstrual, not Pre Menopausal!! It's crazy around here sometimes....poor Hubby!

  5. OH.. and I'm so sorry, my post ALWAYS look like the above, I do not know why
    it is so broken up. Sorry.

  6. Its no easier with boys I assure you. Keep Calm and Carry On!! xxx


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