Friday, August 31, 2012

I wasn't "Gone", but I'm Back!....

I have absolutely No clue Why I can now 
add pictures....but I can!  Yeah!

I don't have any before pictures of the following 
projects so I will just try and explain what we've
done and plan to do.

Lots of work!

This is our upstairs landing.
This is our computer room
music room
kids hang out room
It use to be a bedroom.  But the people we purchased 
our Home from 12 yrs ago, had removed the wall that 
made it a "bedroom".  You can see the evidence of a
removed wall on the floor, where the white strip is now.

Until last weekend there was carpet in the hallway area
up to where the white strip is, then it was hardwood flooring
in the computer area.  They had refinished the wood floor in
that area and it is a much lighter color.  We are trying to figure out
what to do with the white strip to make it blend in with the 
two color difference of the hardwood floors.  

Notice the visitor we had the other day.
He was there all day long until my husband got 
Home from work after 6 p.m. that night....
He's now "gone"!
Another Yeah!

I believe the white strip is floor leveler that they kind of just
globbed on and covered with carpet.  I was a bit nervous to 
remove the carpet, but now we are so 
we did.  It looks so much better and feels so 
much cleaner too. I painted the flat panel closet doors
with chalkboard paint a few years ago.  It's been fun to
see what the girls and their friends come up with on them.

 This is the other end of the upstairs landing.
Imagine my surprise when we pulled up the carpet and found
beautiful original hardwood floors, in  pretty much
pristine shape minus a few little areas.
My Hillary was Home last weekend and did all 
of the pulling up of the carpet.  She got er done!
Thanks Hill!

 This part of the hallway had border....
~vinyl ugly border~
that was put up by the previous owners.  It took
a bit to get it off, but we finally did and I am so
Thankful and Happy it is gone!
I have been dreading that job since....
Day 1 pretty much....

 but, unfortunately there is one area I can not get at
to finish this project.  It is going to take my Guy
bringing in his BIG extension ladder and getting up there
and pulling it down and then painting where I can not reach also.
Might have to wait until the shed is done though....
or Snow flies!
This picture shows the old paint color.
I call it band-aide beige.  We didn't paint it
the previous owners had used this color in almost
every room in our Home.

It's hard to tell, but this is the new color.  There is a difference
this is called Toasted Almond and it is brighter and more of 
a creamy color.  I really like it and it makes the area look
 As you see at this end of the hallway
there are some drywall issues.  This end of our Home
use to have an In-Law apartment.  We tore down the 
wall and it is a project that has been on the 
~back burner~
since we've lived here.....
12 Years Now!
At least there isn't a torn up area on the wood flooring,
just a color difference, shouldn't be too hard to correct.

The carpeting went down the stairs as well.
Our girls tore that up one night this summer.  Glad to have it 
gone.  I painted the "good" steps with gray primer and left 
the steps that are broken undone.  There are 3 steps that 
need work.  My guy thinks he knows how to fix them
again, once the shed is done!
Darn Shed!
Hopefully that will be about complete this weekend!
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Can't wait to get the steps painted and looking nice.
So much better then the carpet that was there!

Thanks for stopping by....
Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Holiday!


  1. Well that looks like an exciting new project.
    All indoors, perfect for winter.
    What a treasure to find those hard woods.. lovely.
    The first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful built ins!!

  2. What a lot of work! Love it when the kids get involved. It sure does help. Had to laugh at your bandaid beige comment...that's better than what Melissa at The Inspired Room calls that color. Her name is "swine." Ha!

    I'd be tempted to get a runner and toss it over the white strip until later when you figure out what to do...

  3. Wow you have been busy !!! Everything looks great you did a great job ! i love the white shelves in the upstairs hallway !!! Have a great and safe labor day !

  4. Impressive!
    You guys have been so busy!!
    Having an old house, I can appreciate just how much work went into
    getting the painting done, and the carpets ripped out.
    You deserve a high 5!!!

    Seriously.. is that a bat on the wall??
    They SO creep me out!
    Glad he decided to leave.


  5. How lucky there was that beautiful wood under the carpet. You have really been busy, and I love the new color. Just joined your blog, Hugs, Lynn

  6. Hi, Lisa...gosh, you have a beautiful home..and I adore that upstairs "hangout" room.
    AND, I see a ladder back there in that corner that I would arm wrestle you for. :))
    What is that little black visitor on the ceiling...bat?

  7. what a gorgeous room. How exciting to find the original hardwood floors i such great condition. What is that horrible thing on your wall? I would have abandoned ship until it was gone :)


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