Saturday, August 4, 2012

Calling ALL Creative People....

we had some errands to run this morning to get more
stuff so hubby can work on the shed.  We stop by some 
antique stores and such and he finds this....

 A homemade....Chicken Coop perhaps???
or Rabbit Hutch....more likely!

Found this picture on Pinterest!

Very primitive as you can see.
What....can I do with it?
Should....I buy it?
I haven't yet!
Can't have Farm Animals in my small town.

The top would definitely have to be replaced. It has little doors that open.
Hubby suggested taking the wire cages out and painting the wood frame
then re~assembling it....but what would I do with it?

That's where all of you creative bloggers out there come in!
Would YOU even bother with it?
If so, tell me what you would do with it.

On another note....
Thank You All 
for sending your prayers and kind thoughts for my Dad.
He is in very good spirits and is a man of God, so his faith is
keeping him strong!  I so appreciate all of you for showing
me and my family support.  It means so much!

Have a delightful weekend, I can't wait to hear your ideas
and if I should even bother with this thing!


  1. Hmmmm, thinking of what you could do with the cage....if you could make things that slid out of the bottoms, you could keep birds, but then they poop a lot and they are a pain to clean up after. Been there, done that, but they sound pretty! You could also take out the middle shelves and re=wire it, then it would be one BIG aviary!
    Hope your dad is doing okay, so hard to see our loved ones age.

  2. I am stumped. Maybe some kind of shelving unit for you. Do you have a craft room where you could put it.

  3. I stopped by last night, but didn't leave a comment. I was thinkn' about this post wondering what in
    the world you could do with thi,s other than keep critters. I'm still stumped! Maybe with a LOT of TLC
    it could be a nice shelf. I have not doubt your creative husband could come up with something wonderful,
    perhaps for inside your new "little cottage".

    1. That is a great idea Amy....didn't even think that. The only thing I could come up with was to put it on our deck and keep cute clay pots and garden tools in it...organized neatly and decoratively of course. But, I like your suggestion better! I will have to suggest that to him. Have a great weekend!

  4. I thought it was a rabbit hutch! I don't have any idea what to do with it?

  5. All you can do with it is re-assemble and roof like in the photo from Pinterest. Any of your pets seem not suits there because they are so big. Chicken,rabbit and bird can only fits and enjoy the new cage. Good luck to your project.

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