Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Huge Thorn in my Side....

Tell me you have a room (or two) in your Home
that you just can't seem to keep under control.
I can't be the only one out there with this problem!
I can't believe I am showing all of you this room....
but here goes (try to be kind, ha,ha!)

Welcome to my: 
Laundry Room
Mud Room
Dog Room
Back Entry 
Keep the Chainsaw so it doesn't get stolen out of the garage again Room
Drop all your crap stuff and carry on Room!
(when we moved here this room was also the ladies hair salon)
This room is busy I tell you!

 It is actually a pretty good sized room. Small bedroom size really.
Parts of it I really like. But, parts I don't.
I spent most of yesterday
after spending time around my desk area, cleaning this room.
It tends to get very disorganized very quickly.

 One thing I don't care for is the blue indoor/outdoor carpeting.
Someday it will go! There are NO closets in the downstairs of 
our coats, shoes and the like have to go here.  On hooks
behind the door and the antique coat on the floor.
The door you see leads to my "back door guests are best" entry!

 At one time this was used as the "closet"....
see the bar I tried to camouflage by painting it the same
color as the wall? I prefer this to a closet type entry.
More Welcoming....
Don't you think?

 I do like the black and white tile floor
and the built in wall of cabinets....
 there is another one on the other side of the door there
I will tell you these cabinets are full of my
 extra dishes, cook books, candles, know stuff
that for some reason I can't get rid of but probably really don't need.

The door to the left goes into my kitchen and then there is a door
in front of the pink rubber boots that goes up to the old maid quarters
(absolutely No Pun intended....that's what it was called)
that is now my oldest daughters bedroom when she is Home....
Amanda please take your shoes up next time!
Thank you!

 Loosey & Delilah's Area
and the door to the 
basement and the garage husband's workshop 

Well that's my Thorn in my side space....
I hope to someday make it more appealing and welcoming
if only for me and the time I have to spend in there.  
But it is what it is....

Now, your turn, tell me what room is your Thorn!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving
 all your encouraging words.
Hope you have a delightful day!


  1. Well it was our laundry room but we just did a redo and its much better now but with two boys its busy busy in there

  2. The silver lining behind that cloud is that at least you have a whole room to throw stuff in. That didn't help much, did it. lol I have closets like that AND my laundry room seems to be where everything that doesn't have a 'place' gets thrown! Yikes.

  3. I have several...the worst is the room I'm in now...the former living room and now an office, spare bedroom, and it also houses the piano. Crazy. So I think too much is going on in my room. What do you think about yours besides the blue carpet? I think it's great that you have an entire room to devote to all of this. Perhaps it is perfect as is. ☺

  4. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad to me. I was wondering (just a suggestion) have you
    given any thought to your husband building a "mudroom" type area where you have your
    welcome bench? If I had the room, I would definitely go for something like this with hooks
    for coats and shelves for shoes. Here a few pics I think are so nice!

    It would have to be the unfinished side of our lower level is my thorn.
    We live in a ranch style home.
    I go to great extremes to purge, straighten & organize it.
    However, my son is constantly down there undoing all that I've done.
    Looking for this or that, building something on my husbands work bench, etc.
    It's probably about 1,500 square feet of unfinished space. Lots a LOT of space to get disorganized!

  5. I'm now thoroughly jealous (no not grossed out like you thought I'd be). I have a laundry room closet and I would die to have such space and a place for an ironing board or my sewing machine. I love your entryway with the little bench. It's just cute as can be. Sometimes I yearn for more space to put everything.

  6. Hi..
    I came over from Lemon Lane Cottage.
    I'm now following you, and looking forward to reading your posts.

    Yes.. I have a room that is quite similar to yours... it's most likely due to the fact that we too have an older home; there certainly was a lack of storage space in the planning of these old homes~~~~LOL!!

    I painted our 'sun room' as we refer to it last Fall. Tuscan colors.... warm golden honey color on three of the walls, and the brick wall got painted a soft aged brick color. I love it!
    However... I sure do wish that everyone would quit dropping everything there! Sheesh!

    Hope today is a great one!!

    Smiles :)

  7. Oh my, that's not bad at hooking room is just a disaster! But, at least with that I can just close the door and try to forget about it :) I totally get you, however, the hooking room is where we end up putting stuff that we need to put in a garage sale or craislist or just plain get rid of....kind of like a "purgatory" for stuff. I've been working at clearing things out, but I can't tell that it's making that big of a difference.....yet....but, I haven't given up. And yes, you're right...older homes, just don't have as much storage!

  8. Lisa- Thanks for sharing your room! I LOVE IT. I can tell that at least you've done some decorating and tried to make it appealing. WE have a similar room. It has the washer and dryer, it goes out the back to the has to be walked through to get to the only bathroom in the house...and to get to my bedroom. It also has certain tools that The Honey doesn't want stolen in this room. It has ugly indoor outdoor carpet. Sunshine. Cabinetry for holding things we no longer need. It isn't as large as yours; ours is about 9 X 12 ish? maybe... and has 4 doors leading in or out of it.
    The Crazy room! That is what I call it. I cleaned it up and got it all organized ...I bet 1000 times!!!! But wants to be a mess. It's crazy. The Crazy Room.


  9. It looks pretty darn good to me. I could show you a real mess. Love that floor :)

  10. I used to have a room like that when we lived in a house. We're now in an apt, had to scale down due to health issues. I love our apt but do miss having a house. I had more to do then. Well, that's what I say but truth is if we had a house I'd have trouble keeping it up. I know that but still miss it. Regarding holding onto things seldom if ever used, I have lots of that stuff. I have tried many times over to yard sale it, donate it, and always wind up keeping more than I got rid of.
    Thank you for visiting My Johnny blog. So very sorry about your loss. Losing a loved one is very hard.

  11. Unfortunately, my kids room is thorn for me. You can not call it a messy room,
    really big difference how messy my 2boys room. Love your laundry room.


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