Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Morning!
I'm having trouble lately coming up with anything that
might be remotely interesting to the few readers I have.
So, I either don't post at all and lose people....
or I post about mundane things and hope someone out there
finds the little I have to say or show with pictures
interesting to at least leave a
Hi back!
I do appreciate those of you that at least say

 I know comments shouldn't be important....
but I think we all really do enjoy opening our blogs in the morning 
or evening and thru out the day
to see who may have stopped by to visit....
I sure do!

Lately I've just been trying to 
~freshen things up~
around our Home.  This heat has me about worn down
trying to keep my Home in some order of cleanliness.
We do not have central air and some days it is miserable.
I'm sure a few of you out there know exactly what I mean.
So, I try to take advantage of what cool air there may be in the 
early hours of the morning between 7:00 & 11:00 to do the most
important tasks: bed making, vacuuming, dishes....
you know what I mean.

 It's hard at times to take time for myself....
like sit at my desk and come up with a post, check on 
other blogs that I enjoy and try to get some motivation
to either post more, or to get cleaning around my Home. 
You all seem to have it so together....
how do you do it?

 I love my little space here!
It's messy and organized at the same time.
Funny how in your space you know where everything is.
I've made it comfortable for me.
I recently bought the pillow in the picture above at HomeGoods.
It is down filled and comfortable for my back on this hard chair.
The bird theme fits....
I had the choice of black or green.
Green fits into my color scheme so it was the obvious choice.

 This morning I am enjoying a bit of 
~Nutella & Peanut Butter~
on my toast along with my coffee.
Have you tried that?
It's a bit like eating a Reese's....

 My desk is positioned so I can look across the 
family room and out the window
the sun is coming out and hitting the rock border just so
This picture doesn't do it justice, it's much prettier.
Notice the fan pointed in my direction....

 I found some
~burlap like~
wired ribbon the other day at WalMart.  I used it on the basket
on our front door (the first picture shown) and had enough left
to add a little something to this note holder above my desk.
I am still tweaking the wall space above my desk and trying to
not go over board where it looks cluttered.  Some of you out there
have arraignments on your walls down....
me not so much!

 Again, loving anything birds like I do....
I found this ceramic bird at our local BIG box store
last weekend and couldn't resist adding him to my 
collection of sorts.  He was clearanced, which my hubby
always appreciates.  Originally $19.99, marked down to $9.99
and I got him for something like $6.75....
He has a timer light in him...

 Every night about 9 p.m.
he starts to glow for about 4 hours.
Adds a bit of ambiance to the mantle....
Don't you think? 

 And of course I have my desk surrounded with 
birds and things I love.

I'm glad you stopped by....
Thank you all who stick by me
I do enjoy your visits....
If you have made it this far with today's post....
Please say Hi....
Thanks again for your visit!
Have a lovely Last day of July....
can you believe it?


  1. I always love to get a glimpse of other peoples work spaces.....they are always so creative and comforting. Love your work space.

  2. It's a little scary to think that those temps are sitting just a bit west of here. I hope that they don't make it. Our temps have been so fine that I don't want to mess with them.

    No, I do not have it all together. No, no. Never get that idea. Right now I have a broken dryer that John says he can't figure out so I have two loads of wet towels to get dry somehow. I'm thinking of stringing them on the fence and deck railings. That would be "a look" don't you think? =D

    Hang in there...cooler days are coming and how. We'll be in the middle of January before we know it.

  3. And your portal is so nice...I wish that mine looked half so fine.

  4. I always enjoy stopping by.. keep on posting girl! I find seeing into others homes a great way to get ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us. I too love the birdies, and that timer light bird is adorable and
    the price was great. I have a work space that is in desperate need of help! I don't have it all together,
    but I try, same as you. Hoping your weather cools down for ya, but I have a feeling we are all in this
    for the long haul. I think if I were you, I'd set up camp on that lovely porch of yours with a fan pointed
    right at me, and a good book.

  5. Love the pictures and your displays!

  6. I enjoy reading blogs too and love to see who has visited me or made comments.

    I like your desk area where you blog.

  7. You are struggling with the same things every day as a blogger that I do. Sometimes it's hard to find a new topic and anything exciting to tell people about. Just keep doing what you are doing. I love your blog. You also have a great place to blog and your desk looks so neat. Mine is always piled with paper of projects I've seen and printed or things I want to try.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your home. I think we all get stuck on what to post about...how much to say and whether or not anyone cares. It helps me to think of blogging as my personal journey, one that I will look back on some day and remember when that happened or what my home looked like at any given point. I read your blog and am bad about leaving comments but I always smile through your photos and words. Patty

  9. Hi! I totally understand! I have not updated my blog in forever! oh well....
    I cannot imagine a house with out air conditioning! I live in the burbs outside
    of Memphis, TN and it is terribly hot and humid! Hopefully there are window
    units in your home!!! I love your little 'big box' bird, he is a cutie!

  10. We lovr your cottage and blog! I agree with you about comments its fun to meet new people!

  11. Hi, I'm new to your blog and absolutely love it. I especially love your little "Space." Guess because I love my own. We all need that time alone time, you know, to think, write, doodle, listen to music or chat. I'm behind on so much at the moment because my husband is on hospice but I will get to things sooner or later. You've done a wonderful job with your home. It's so warm and inviting, the kind of home that says "Hi, come on in. Make yourself at home.
    I'd love for you to visit my blogs sometime.

  12. My other blog is http://barb-myjohnny.blogspot.com/
    I'll be back again. I bookmarked you.

  13. It's so true- i too often find myself in the 'posting rut'! Your house looks just charming, and i am just a little partial to the bird and nest accessories ; ) LOVE your bird nest lamp! Keep on typing!


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