Monday, July 30, 2012

Pack your bags....

The hubs said
as I opened my eyes a few Saturdays ago
just before my Birthday!
What??....what do you mean, pack my bags?
He told me he was taking me away for the day
and it involved an overnight stay....
But, he wouldn't say where or what we were doing!

It was a surprise....
IF you know me at all, you know....
I don't like surprises!
~He enjoys this~

So I did as I was told, not knowing what to expect
or what to pack.  He had the car loaded up with 
everything we might need, including little beverages and
H'orderves for later!

We drove to the lakeshore something we haven't done in years.  
We enjoy antiquing together and so our first stops
were at some of the local antique stores.  Most proved to be a bit pricey!
Good thing we don't mind just looking!

Then we headed into the little tourist town of
~South Haven~
I was amazed at the amount of people in this little town.
The shoppes were fun to look at, but again, a bit pricey
so we headed to lunch at a place he had heard about called
~Phils Bar & Grill~

The tables were covered in brown paper
and crayons were available on the tables for doodeling on!

The food was
Hubs had a black and blue burger
and I had
a wrap with The Best red potato, potato salad....
It was Awesome!

Then we walked thru town to work off our lunch
and this little garden right in town drew us in....

This fudge shop called our name...
but we were good and resisted the urge.
~Picture only!~

Then we headed back out of town and stopped at a few
more antique shoppes.  This one made us turn around after passing 
by it briefly.  It was loaded with architectural stuff....
~which we Love~

Lots of people pulled in after us.
See the Ice Cream bike?
We joked about buying it and fixing it up
for our youngest to ride around town and
sell ice cream.  She hasn't found a summer job yet,
and summer's winding down!
It would be cute though, don't you think?

As we headed down the road we came upon a sign
that drew us to the shore line again.
Felt Mansion Renovation....

This place is Gorgeous and Huge!

Parties can be booked here....
It was once a residence!
Stately entrance don't you think?

Lovely fountain area....

We had to check it out!
The water was the deepest blue I've ever seen!

Down the hill a bit was the 
~Carriage House~

I wouldn't mind living in there!

Then we were off to our destination....
I still didn't know where we were going!

He had set up a surprise stay at the 
~JW Marriott~ is Gorgeous!
We were up on the 16th floor!

We had a corner room....
with a gorgeous view!

~The children's museum~

~President Ford's museum~

~Gorgeous Bathroom~
Someday we'd like to remodel our bathroom to be like this!
~We can dream can't we?~

And while your waiting for the elevator
look down, this is what you see!
Hope your not afraid of heights
~like me!~

Very nice!
Music playing and people enjoying drinks and appetizers!

Beautiful night to take in the town!

Gorgeous view from our room at night!
(except for the flash)

I have to say....
This was THE BEST birthday EVER!
By Far the most
Mostly because my hubby planned it all 
just for me!  I Love You Honey!

I guess Surprises aren't so bad afterall!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Want a wonderful birthday surprise. You have a keeper, ha!

  2. What a great trip! !! Looks like a neat little town

  3. OK.... he builds AND he surprises?
    What a great surprise, I agree, he's a keeper for sure!
    Looks like a great time. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Happy birthday! What a romantic getaway. Hubby deserves an A for this one. Glad you had such a good time, Dawn

  5. OK, I hate surprises too but this one was awesome!!! You deserved to have a really special weekend and it look like you did.

  6. What a great present from the hubby! Looks like a great place to visit.


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