Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shed Update Time....

Wow, I didn't realize that I haven't given an update on the shed 
progress since May 11th.  We've come a long way since then
given the heat and humidity that we've had to deal with so 
far this summer.  It has held my hubby us back!  The last thing
you want to be doing is construction work on a 100 degree day,
BUT, ....he has put in a little bit of time as he could
with the heat to get this shed done.  This week he is on vacation 
and has gotten a lot done so far this week, and it is only
Wednesday!  We have been getting up between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.
to get as much done as possible before the Sun comes out and heats
things up!  Then it's miserable!
I left you last at this.....

this is how it looked last post
May 11th....
Wow, he has done Alot since then!

Obviously the rest of the roof was put on....

Then he decided it needed a dormer....

it's all in the details....

Yep, there are windows....

 Keep in mind, this is NOT a kit and he has no plans.....
it's all in his head!   
Love him for that!

 I'm sure I have a picture before this one....
but, Oh Well!
The green shingles were on the roadside marked....
Can't beat that!

 Had to go into the neighbors yard yesterday to do 
the backside.  It was Smokin' Hot....
hubby insisted on getting it done....
I looked a bit silly with my red umbrella standing on the
bottom of the ladder to make sure it didn't slide down on him....
but it kept the sun off my neck!
(notice there are no pictures of that!)

Looking sooo Good!
He has worked sooo hard today
in the sun and the heat!
It is looking so cute, ahem, Good!
I can't wait to see it done!

We Love to put up little teasers to see what it
~will look like when done~
So Far, So Good!
Don't~cha Think?


  1. Ohhhhh, adorable! (Where was he when the girls needed a playhouse? ☺) That dormer was brilliant. Will there be window boxes, too?

  2. He actually did build a playhouse....for inside the house! It was a miniature of the house we lived in when our first daughter was born. He really is talented and is building this as he goes! He see's a vision and it gets done....changes day by day! I love where it's headed and can't wait till it's done. I mentioned curtains in the windows today....he didn't flinch! And yes, windows boxes are my head anyway!

  3. Very nice...and cute. Looking forward to seeing finished photos

  4. Wow its looking great ! He is doing a great job

  5. Totally awesome! I can see it now, you're gong to put flower baskets in front of the window aren't you?! Looks like a doll house!

  6. Oh it is SO charming! The dormer absolutely makes it! I have 2 on my home that were not in the original
    plan, but I convinced hubs it was a must!! Your husband is doing a fantastic job, quite the skilled craftsman.
    I just love the windows.. oh my.. what a sweet addition to your yard/home. I agree with the flower boxes
    on the windows Tammy mentioned. When its all finished you need to send a picture to one of those adorable cottage home magazines.

    BTW.. it is SO stink'n hot here to.. bleck.


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