Friday, May 11, 2012

Shed Update Time....

It all started with this....

A shed is definitely needed in this yard.
So that's what we're hubby is building.
From the "ground" up!

 Next came the floor...
then a wall....

(if you're reading Vee, notice the bowling gazing ball on the fence. I think you mentioned that!)

 Then we had 4 walls....
and a pitchy thing truss....

 Then we had a bunch of pitchy things trusses....
and another double to go at the far end.  
Notice 2 ladders?
That means I get up on one and help....
now & then!

 Then we and I do mean WE....
started putting plywood up for the roof.
Me on the inside of the shed on a ladder
with him hubby on the outside....

 Trying to convince me that as he shoves
a full piece of heavy plywood
(1/2" or 3/4" ....whatever it is)
(my hubby just emailed and said the plywood OSB is 7/16th's to be exact)
Up & Over the pitchy things trusses up there
that I would should be able to catch it coming
down the other side....
We are talking now....
that was on Monday night I believe!

 So as you see there will be a loft type area for storage,
and a window will be where the level is,
once he finishes framing it in and cutting out the spot
for the window.

 Here he will build double barn type doors....
and as you can see there are plants to move

So we are coming along....
on either side of the door you see
will be a window....
yet to be cut out.  And 
more flying plywood to put up on the roof.
I am getting so excited with each step of the way.
He only has about an 1 1/2 hrs a night during the week 
to work on it.  Plus we've had graduations, proms and other 
commitments along with rainy weather that has
slowed us him my hubby down.  
he still has all those
barn beams 
to get to!

Thanks for stopping!


  1. And there'll be a little bed out there in case he wants to spend some time away from home. Ha! These projects are quite exciting. And I am rarely on the same page with John when we're doing something. He hates to explain things properly when he's already in the middle of it assuming that I know what's going on. I understand completely. =D It's going to be so cute and you're going to have so much fun decking it out.

  2. It is looking great, Lisa. I know you will be thrilled when it is done :)

  3. You are so great to help Lisa. Those sheets of plywood are really, really heavy and I know because I can't lift them. It's lookin' good.



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