Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jail Birds....

Don't let these adorable faces fool you....
They are trouble makers!  
Seems to be happening A LOT lately
and I am tired of it!

 On of these 2 have taken to barking,
more of a Woofing actually,
just enough to be irritating.  When she's outside mostly.
The other one is quiet most of the time, because she is older and
more mature....most of the time!
Unfortunately today was not one of those
more mature days....

 The have the run of the backyard. 
But lately they have taken a liking to this corner.
They can see out and see what's happening in the 
neighborhood.  When kids walk by after school
they like to show how tough they are and that 
they are protecting their land.  One of them will
sit and Woof for hours....
if we let her!

 Today was one of those days....
I just didn't have the energy anymore to go out
one more time and scold her.....again!
I was fine letting her Woof until she couldn't 
Woof anymore....for all I cared!  
But then it started getting to me!
And I went and called her name.
I saw her little butt and tail up in the air
just a Woofin' away!
When I finally got her to notice me
this is what I found....

 A HUGE hole!!!!!!
Where does she think she is going.....
So she was immediately leashed and brought inside! 
This girl is in BIG trouble when Daddy gets home!
Then about 10 mins. later....
I hear Barking! 
Funny how you know your animals sounds,
kind of like your kids!  
Only her bark was muffled....
So out I go and sure enough....

 She took over what the other one was doing and 
dug a little more!  Are you kidding me....
we never had a problem with her
before #2 came to live with us!
So I go back in and get the other leash....

 Now they are in 

Oh, they look so innocent don't they?
All curled up and sleeping like innocent babies!

 Funny how the first one that got in trouble
is in the other  one's bed....
all curled up and cozy, Snoring....

Meet the Ring Leader.....
Don't let the face fool ya....
She's Trouble....
with a capital T!!!!
No treats for them when Daddy gets home!


  1. AWWWW, geez Mom! We're sorry! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  2. Have they been watching Shawshank Redemption by any chance? =D They are kinda cute, but I guess that you won't be able to trust them again.

  3. Oh Lisa, this is tooo funny! They are too cute with those innocent eyes and faces. I guess the first one didn't finish digging and the escape was foiled, so the other one was determined to get to China! What a great post! James and I are still laughing... Thanks for the fun! Hugs

  4. OMG!! I love this story! The doggies are so cute and the story so funny! Haha! Thanks so much for sharing this story. It made my day.

  5. It's hard to stay mad at a basset for very long :) I'll bet you have a rabbit or something under that deck.....

  6. Lisa I stumbled onto your blog - your basset hounds are adorable - we have had three - they are so hard to keep out of trouble - I know we have had ours in jail many times - love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh how funny! Love the log dog bed!

  8. Ha! I have a similar trouble maker! I love your blog, which I found via Cozy Little House! I will be following! Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas (check out my post about my dog Frida titled "They Always Look So Innocent"!


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