Tuesday, July 10, 2012

See Ya Next Year....

 Those are the words you want to hear after you
go for your mammogram!

I was scheduled for an ultrasound first,
but when I was taken back to "the room"
the technician said she had a few questions first.

 It was kind of odd....
I thought anyway, first she asked me my last name,
it took me back to the days when my mom was ill
and they were checking to see how "sane" she was,
then she asked me my birth date....
again odd I thought,
then she asked me Why I was there for an ultrasound?

I explained my history of fibrocystic disease since the age of
15 and how the last 3-4 yrs after having a mammogram 
being called back for an ultrasound and going thru all that worry
yada, yada, yada....

Well, she informed me...
IF they do an ultrasound ~without~ a "need" for one....
my insurance won't pay for it!!

You see they scheduled me for the ultrasound before the
mammogram....Not MY Fault!
So, she had to go back and speak to "the powers that be"
about 5 mins. later in she comes and said
they must first do the mammogram and then if there
was a need they would do the ultrasound.

Which meant.....
the radiologist would have to read my results
~right away~
(when it typically takes 2 wks)
to see if there was concern enough to do the ultrasound!

My mammogram was given a 10 min. time slot.
I was in there for 1/2 hour....
the most thorough, gentle, mammogram
I've ever had!

End result....
No ultrasound needed!
Now had I just gone for a mammogram with no
ultrasound scheduled as well....
I would have been called back in
~2 weeks~
and gone thru all that worry!

Funny how things happen sometimes!

Then hubby and I were going to meet up for dinner
but decided to just come Home and he would
pick up some steaks and grill out....
perfect night for a dinner for 
2 on the porch!

 ~and a bottle of Wine~
Thank you honey!

At this time of year this is the coziest place
in our Home!

Hope your evening was as lovely as mine!

Thanks for all of your well wishes yesterday
and for stopping by for another visit!


  1. That is such great news! I'd take a nice home cooked meal with my man on a porch like that any day over a restaurant. Very nice!

    Lisa, I have had one and only one mammo so far. It was a baseline done at age 35. Right before I went in (2 days before) I thought I felt something weird. I noted that at my appt. and that changed it from a regular baseline to a diagnostic, which also included an ultrasound. Everything was fine, no problems.. The radiologist even came in and re-performed my ultrasound himself to prove there was nothing there.
    I left happy.... same as you... and so glad I didn't have to wait for my results. I think women should have the choice to have it read immediately. The fear of the unknown is so not fun.

  2. I'm glad that it all worked out as far as scheduling. Your doctor said that she would take care of it and she did. Funny the insider hoops that she had to jump through to do it. This is what is wrong with the current way that things are done and it adds so much cost. Anyway, glad that you had a good experience.

    Your hubby is a sweetie...that meal looks so good.

  3. Congrats on your news! Dont you feel sorry for people I who dont have a porch! Happy tuesday to you!!!

  4. Glad your mammogram went well after the ultra sound mix up. It's so important to have them every year. What a sweet husband you have, to cook that yummy looking meal for you.

  5. So glad to hear your mammogram went well! It's always so scary to go even when you hear everything's alright. Seems like every year, I wonder if they are going to give me a clean bill of health!

    What a sweet hubby and a wonderful dinner!


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