Monday, July 9, 2012


Finally some relief from the heat!
I don't know about where your at, but here
and for most of us, it has been miserable!

 But, this morning it is cool and refreshing outside
so I decided to sit out on our porch and do a little post
about what we've been up to around here.

My hubby took from the 4th until today off from work.
I think he had plans to spend alot of time working on our shed.
But, because of the heat that didn't happen....
except for a few small things when it was somewhat cool enough.
I did get one project completed after months of  nagging patiently waiting.
I'll tell you about that in just a second. But, first I want to share 
something with you that I finally found!

 I mentioned in an earlier post when sprucing up our porch
that I wanted to hang this sign, but hubby won't let me put a nail 
in our vinyl siding....
Well, I had heard of hangers in the past, but in asking 
around at different home improvement stores,
none seemed to "know" what I was talking about.
Which surprised me with all the homes that are
sided with vinyl these days!

Anyway, as determined as I can be sometimes....
I Googled and lo and behold I found them!

 Why it took me so long is beside me, but
I ordered them off ebay and within 2-3 days
they were here and I got my sign
~and a few other things~

~ NO hammer or nails required~
easy peasy!

 Here is a close up of one....
sorry it's blurry!
You just slip that top hookie end up under the siding
and Wa La....
ready to hang something!

Now for the project I've been excited to get done!

 I had mentioned in the past about wanting to have
a trellis put up behind my swing.  You can see the 
pieces waiting on the floor directly behind it.
The hubby wasn't real excited with my  plan
and in fact said it wouldn't hold the Wisteria
gone wild all over my porch column....

 But I begged and yes, Nagged enough!
So I painted them a very dark hunter green
and waited a few days and finally he surprised me
and hung them!

 I. Am. In. LOVE!!!!

 No matter the angle it just makes the whole porch....

 In my opinion!
(hubby admits he likes it too)
That Wisteria really has gone crazy trying to
wind itself around everything.  It wound up 
and around my porch swing chain and up to the ceiling....
But, it hasn't produced a bloom yet
and we've had it about 8 years!
If you have any advice please let me know!

 This is the last I posted on our shed.
As I said hubby took those days off to work on it.
He has done alot since you've seen this picture and I 
will do a post about that in the next few days.
I think you'll be impressed!

Today I have to go run some errands
and have my mammogram....
I had my physical last week and complained to
my doctor that I hate having them done
because I always get called back a few weeks out
to come in for an ultrasound because they have a "concern"!
I have fibrocystic disease....of course they are going to find something!
So, the doctor said she could request they do both today
because she has the same problem and it does cause concern
when you get that call.  Wish me luck as you never know!

Can't wait to get back Home and enjoy
my porch in this cooler weather 
we are thankful to have right now!

Enjoy your day and Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your porch looks amazing! The trellis gave it such a cozy feel. We've had no blooms on our wisteria either, go figure! Good luck today, and enjoy this blessed cool air : )

  2. Your porch sign is so cute. I love your trellis on porch too! Can,t wait to see shed completed. I live in SC and it is so hot and humid here too. Wish it would rain, we need it badly.

  3. I love it! Your porch is so welcoming, I bet you'd spend all day out there if the weather was a bit more tolerable.
    I'm sure despite the shed not being worked on it was nice to have your husband home.

    It has been SO incredibly hot here too. Our daily temps have been hovering around 100 - 104.
    By 9 am its in the high 90's. TODAY however, its much nicer.. only going to be in the high 80's. So nice!
    I totally know how you feel about the mammo anxiety. Hoping all goes well. :O)

  4. The porch trellis looks fantastic! Hope hubby got a big kiss for paying attention to your good decorating sense. Thanks for the tip about the hooks for siding...I've wondered about this concern myself.

    You're a good girl to have your tests done and your doctor sounds very wise.

  5. Your porch looks great! !! I love ours but like you its been way to hot! Hope you have a wonderful monday and start to your week

  6. LOVE the trellis on your porch. What a wonderful idea. Have a great week, Dawn

  7. Your porch is wonderful! I am so envious! The trellis is perfect!

    I had the same issue with my mammo - I had a benign lump that would show up and I would have to have an ultrasound every year. Finally my doc said: "Let's just take it out."

  8. Oh I love your porch!! So welcoming! I love to hang stuff but sometimes it gets too much for my husband ;)

  9. We've had terribly hot weather and high humidity in our area, too, Lisa...we've finally gone down into the 80's.

    Your porch looks the new sign and your trellis!

    Praying all goes well with your Mammogram...I always get called back for a second view, too, and it does make you nervous.


  10. those clippies are cool! Love the sign. Good luck on the mammogram.!

  11. I love your porch too. Didn't know about clippies. My husband wishes I did! Your porch colors are so lovely! It's hard not to worry about 2nd calls, but I've had that happen every time in the last 10 years. No problems to date, but I'm glad they are thorough! Non-blooming wisteria? Found this link You may want to see it. Good luck on all fronts.

  12. Your porch looks beautiful! I'll have to remember about those hangers, because we have vinyl siding as well.....good to know!

  13. God Bless with your extra tests!! Hopefully all will be well.
    Now the wisteria -- My Dad had a wisteria in Florida - and they do grow there fine. This wisteria took over the mamosa tree but NEVER bloomed. He asked all the nurseries and he never could get it to bloom. So he cut it down after eight years. He never got an answer to why? Hope yours will do something! It is a lovely flower!


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