Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gifts of Nature??....

and I'm blaming Sully!

 Lately this seems to be his favorite spot.
He tends to be there in the early morning hours
when my husband is leaving for work.  We look up
and there he is.....

This morning I went into my daughters room 
and found this....
Sully's version of a Gift!

 In fact I almost stepped on it!
Yes, I screamed....
that's my natural reaction to such things!
Unfortunately it has to lay there
belly up until my hubby gets Home....
Mal nor I are willing to even try to 
take care of it!

Goes with living in an older Home!

But, you can be assured
Sully is out there
watching over us!


  1. That is so funny. Well, not funny really. We are so alike. I stepped down from the screened porch a few weeks ago and there was a dead mouse on the walkway. I had to wait all day till Mr. Bird Nest got home to get rid of it. I'm terrified of mice and rats and now I think I can add bats to that list. Where are our men when we need them?

  2. I think that bats are just about my least favorite thing! We haven't had one in the house for years, but I still remember the sound of their wings flipping through the air as they're frantically darting around the room in the dark, looking for my neck in order to suck the life blood out of me! ;-) Okay, maybe not, but I much prefer to see them outdoors.

    Cute kitty!! :-)

  3. Ewwww...was it caught inside or out? Inside, good Sully. Outside? Bad Sully. You are wise not to touch it. My vet says 97% of all bats carry rabies. They themselves don't have it, but they carry it.

  4. I'd say she deserves a treat if she caught that indoors!

  5. Oh my word! I would have screamed to high heavens too! Did you at least cover it all day? I had to put a bowl over a cricket the other day until Cody got off work. :)

  6. Sully is claiming his castle! And he is ! The King of his castle! Now if i saw the bat i would pass out! EEW!!! lol.! But i would of been proud of Sully. Maybe it would be nice if he took the bat outside though! lol.


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