Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I FINALLY Got This....

This oil lamp has been in my family as long as I can remember.
I, also as long as I can remember, 
have wanted it.
Maybe since I have been an "adult" and
had my own Home....
Yeah, probably then!

 Well, I went to visit with my Dad last week
and he wanted me to have it....
Of course I grabbed it and put it in my car
anxious to bring it Home!

 As you can see it was quite dirty and needed
cleaning up.  Bar Keepers Friend is a 
pretty gentle cleanser, so that is what I used.
Along with some paper towel
and an old soft toothbrush.

 As I was cleaning it I found a few markings that
weren't noticeable under all that grime.
So I did what anyone would do
I Googeled it!

 It's made of this cool 
etched/frosted glass
to hold the oil....

 this metal is called Spelter....
Spelter, while sometimes used merely as a synonym for zinc, is often used to identify a zinc alloy. In this sense it might be an alloy of equal parts copper and zinc ...

 and Brass....
not the 1980's Brass,
but the 1880's Brass....
Much Cooler!
Don't~cha think??
I do!

 Couldn't see this either....

 So beautifully aged this Spelter...
this is not Bronze, although it appears to 
be made to look so.  
I am in LOVE!

I didn't want to over clean this lamp.
I wanted some of the age and none of the dirt left on it.
Yes there is a difference!
This is a Scovill Mfg Oil Lamp
from the 19th Century
was given to my parents
~Years Ago~
by a Dear Family Friend that was in her 80's at the time.
We called her Mother Anderson....
don't ask me why....I was just a baby!
I've been told it was in her family as well.
I am so very Happy to have
this oil lamp.  I will Always have it, as long as I live anyway!
No amount of worth....
and I am guessing there is some,
would make me think twice to give it up!

Do you have anything that you've inherited that means that much?


  1. Very nice and how cool that you were able to find all that information online. Yes, I have a piece or two that is worth more to me than money.

  2. What a wonderful heirloom. When you think how important these were to people back then. We have some old ones too but not as detailed.

  3. How wonderful that you inherited this beautiful crystal oil lamp! It's so much fun to get something special, especially when it's been around longer than you! Enjoy - it's lovely!!

  4. Such a unique lamp, lovely. Where ya going to put it?

  5. My Mom gave me her buffet and china cabinet when I moved into my own home. I treasure them!

  6. I have an antique spool cabinet that was my Mother's. It had probably been in a store at one time and she bought it at an auction and had it refinished. I cherish it and the memories it brings of her.


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