Sunday, June 3, 2012

First....not sure what's going on,
but my Playlist is no longer "available" for MY enjoyment on my blog!
What happened, does anybody know?

So, this past week my camera broke.
So I have not taken the time to post anything new,
but I did have these last shots left on my camera
and finally have the time to share them with you.

I came out on our porch one day and out of the corner of my eye
I saw this Robin in the old terra cotta replacment birdbath
that I moved to this "yard art piece" my husband 
welded together.  Luckily when I got back from running
inside and grabbing my camera he was still in there....

 I was hoping to get a decent picture and
was afraid if I got too close he would fly away....

 Remember this is what I used as a replacement when the original top
broke a few years ago.  It served the purpose!

 Then I moved it here....
just to have a place for it.

 Little did I know, this Robin would 
take his bath here.  Another one landed on  my 
planter with my Hens & Chicks waiting for his chance.

 If you've never seen a Robin take a bath....
they really get into it.  They flutter all over and flap their
wings.  It's kinda fun to watch!

I've only seen the birds land on this one for a little
drink of water.  No bathers yet!

Had a nice day in the yard with hubby working on the shed
and pool trying to get it in shape for the summer.
Hope you all had a delightful day!
Thanks for stopping and I'd love to hear what 
you were up to this weekend!


  1. I love to watch the robins bathing. You're right. They really get into it!

  2. What terrific photos! I love the bird taking a bath. That's so cute.

  3. Wish I could help you with your Playlist, but I don't have one and consequently don't know much about them. I hope it comes back for you.
    How well I know about running in for the camera and hoping the birdie is still there when you return. I was doing that yesterday. You did well capturing that robin taking his bath. Love your little sign too.
    Your yard looks so pretty.

  4. How fun!! I watch birds from my kitchen window...Some bathers and drinkers... Evidently the drinkers aren't bird watchers; or else they'd think twice about where the go to quench their thirst! ha ha ha...
    I have a pedestal with a broken bowl...and may be acquiring another now that I've seen your remedy! Those bowls aren't cheap.

    enjoy the birdies, Pat

  5. I don't know what is going on with playlists. I took mine off when I got that message. Makes one wonder if it is a Playlist problem or a Blogger problem. Either way, not fun. Wait. Maybe I can figure that out by visiting a Typepad blogger with a Playlist or not.

    Is it a lot of work to keep the birdbaths clean?

    1. I rinse mine everyday and put fresh water in it. I also bought these little disk things that are supposed to help keep the water fresh for up to 3 mths I think it said. Otherwise if you don't attempt to keep fresh water in they can get pretty nasty looking. Thanks for checking the Playlist problem for me. I liked my nature music....oh well!

  6. It's a Playlist thing. I'm so surprised to see my comment above as I got an error message leaving it.

  7. He looks to be having a high old time!

    I counted three Blue Tits together but there were probably more. They left the nest yesterday, and didn't have any problems with Spaghetti because it was raining all day so she was curled up in the dry asleep, thank goodness.

  8. So sorry about your camera. I love watching the birds at the the feeders and in the bird bath. They are quite entertaining :)

  9. Sorry about your camera...bad news for us bloggers. :))
    Love watching birds, too.

  10. Well im a new reader ! just wanted to introduce myself ! i love your blog and home ! take care and have a great rest of the week

  11. Just found your blog and I really enjoyed my time here. Your photos of your yard are really nice. Love the porch. And I did the same thing with our front porch last week also, only minus the Murphy's soap. I used plain old laundry detergent. I know, silly, but it worked. Enjoy your day!

  12. How cute you were able to capture his bath! Your lawn/yard is lovely.

  13. Hello Lisa, Love your bird baths - you've reminded me that I should clean mine out! I have enjoyed my visit and am your newest follower,

  14. Oh I need to get a bird bath!! I tried to take a picture of a very fat robin bathing in a puddle on our driveway but by the time I had my camera ready he was gone!

    Sorry to hear about your camera and hope its fixed soon!

  15. I had this little bird feeder I bought and never took it in for the summer. It's so small that just a little rain water fills it up quickly and I have caught several small birds bathing in it. And you are right, it's fun to watch them. I have never seen a bird bathing in our real bird bath. Maybe they like little rather than big. hmmmm?


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