Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Projects....

 I had this old found martin house and 
4 of these plastic gourd birdhouses were
hanging from it.  Well, over this past winter
the old decrepit martin house basically fell apart.
Not at all salvageable, but these were
with a little elbow grease.

 So we cut them free and took them apart.
They were filled with old bird nests and bee/wasp nests.
and LOTS of dirt and moss.
I thought about painting them each a bright color.
But first I googled and found that nature colors 
are best when using for shelter for birds.  And 
after seeing them all cleaned up and put back together
I have to agree.  I like the weathered clean patina better!

 So I found the perfect spot for each....

 to be seen.....

 thru-out our yard....

 and even from my neighbor's kitchen window.
I like to share!

 This is the only picture I could find that shows where they
use to hang in our yard.  Now the shed is being built there.

My husband has been wanting to have a place to plant 
his herbs in our yard.  Last year we had trouble with 
slugs taking their share of bites and basically killing our plants.
So Brad decided they must go up....
so he "found" an old telephone pole and
cut it to the lengths needed and put them in the ground.

 He purchased a couple of faux barrel planters
(real ones are really expensive)
and Wa La....
Herb Garden!

To the left of these planters
is where the shed is being built.
Those are just a few of the projects we did 
this weekend.  We had some really hot temps in the
90's and it made it difficult to do too much outside.
Today is to be about 20 degrees cooler
and a whole lot less humid....
I like that!
Have a delightful day!


  1. I love your gourd birdhouses! What a clever idea for the herbs too. Your garden is just looking great.

  2. The gourds look beautiful. Let me know if that idea of your hubby's works for the herb garden. I'll be planting a lot of herbs in my raised planter whatever-it-is. What a change in the weather...woke to temps in the 70s and now it's down to 58°. And with a week of thunderstorms to look forward to, there'll not much time for working in the garden.

  3. Pretty! I like the gourds...and I hope the birds do too. I hope they come and give you lots of enjoyment!

    The herbs in the pots is a nice touch especially on little pedestals! That is a great find. It isn't something you find everyday...just a spare telephone pole to cut up and use in the landscape...very clever!

  4. Hi Lisa
    How delightful to hear the bird songs on your blog and the beautiful music! I hope you get lots of birds in the houses1
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  5. I think you definitely did the right thing. Hope they attract lots of bird friends.

  6. Just came across from 'Home in Douglas' when I saw your photo in the sidebar and wondered what it was.
    I haven't seen birdhouses like that before but they look pretty good now they're cleaned up. We've got lots of birdhouses in our garden that don't get used; instead we've got a family of Blue Tits nesting in our tractor!
    I've done a couple of blog posts about them if you want to take a look.

  7. Love those! I also love your hostas. I do not really have the right amount of shade to properly grow them but I do anyways. :) I just have to cut back the leaves a few times a summer to keep them fresh.


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