Saturday, March 24, 2012

A post for You & Your Guy....

This is a project Brad started sometime the first year we moved into our Home.  I will briefly remind you that our Home was built in 1879 and has had many families and many renovations done to it as well.  Not many done correctly either!  But, we saw the potential and Brad being someone that enjoys working with his hands, this was the perfect Home for us!  You may remember me posting about the condition of the outside of our Home in  this post . The exterior alone took Brad almost 4 yrs, by himself (except what little help I provided).  So the project I'm sharing with you today was his winter project.  

So grab your guy and a beverage of your choice and enjoy the pictures (there's quite a few).  We're so happy with how this room turned out!

This room was a bedroom off the kitchen.  You can see the doorway to the left, that is the small closet for the room.  There was another doorway that was on the wall to the right at the other end.  It led into our laundry room.  Brad closed that off which sealed in and made it a more usable space.  Ugly drop ceiling, indoor/outdoor blue carpet and fruit inspired contactey wallpaper and border.  Need I say more!

Beautiful quarter~sawn white oak panels that we purchased from 
a wrecking company that they rescued from a building in Muskegon.  The panels had shag carpet glued and stapled on them. The carpet had to be removed, staples pulled, glue removed with a heat gun and the finish stripped and sanded....just to make it usable.
 We purchased them over 20 yrs
ago. We've moved 3 times since and hauled them 
with us each time.  The movers just love that my husband 
hoards wood!

No drop ceiling here, this is solid oak panels and beams.
These panels are not "old wood" but, Brad purchased
cut and built the whole thing....
that's what he loves to do!

~Gorgeous all stained and polished~
They don't make wood with this patina anymore
too costly!

This was the closet!
Now it is a beautiful display cabinet....

~Have to add the lighting first~

Perfect lamp for this area....
Some great tile....

Way too bright picture, but you get the idea!
All stained and polished makes quite the statement in the room.

Alittle decorating....
but we still need to decide on the flooring!

(reminder of before)
Old blue carpet....

Much Better!
New carpet
The banjo hanging on the wall....
Brad made it!
Yep, he does that too....
and he plays it also!

Now comes the fun part....for me anyway!
More Decorating!

~Outdoorsy Lodge Theme~

The little slip of paper you see,
is his Mother's fishing license from 

His fly tying stuff....
he likes to Fly fish!

~An Antique Creole~

~Found this Goose decoy in an antique shop~
Perfect for this area!
(blurry pic, oops!)

For years he has collected
signed and numbered prints....
here are just a few!

Duck mount....
the print was framed as gift
by Amanda for dad for Christmas one year.
The duck mount matches the ducks in the print!

Love these in black frames!

We believe this cabinet was used as a podium in a church at one time. We used it for years in our kitchen for storage (it's totally open on the backside) and I would display stuff on the top, like my cookbooks and our big Chef.

Brad cut out side panels and now it hides the radiator.

Perfect addition to the room!
~Again, quarter~sawn oak~

What would this....
Man Cave 
be without a deer mount!

Love the shadows in this room!



Now the fun part, furnishing it.
 Brad also builds furniture in his spare time!

This was a long drawn out,
labor intense project.

But in the end I think it turned out pretty cool!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!


  1. Beautiful!
    You have quite a talented hubby.
    Love all the wood. It looks very much like a lodge.
    I think his mothers fishing license is a nice touch too.

  2. Wow, The change is so dramatic and beautiful. I don't have a guy to view it with, but I love looking at it all by my self. Your husband is definitely a keeper.

  3. He created a wonderful space for relaxing. Will this be used to watch tv, read, sleep, all of the above? I admire his use of reclaimed lumber, too. What an incredible look!

  4. WOW! What a transformation. It goes without saying your hub's is quite talented. I bet y'all just love it.

  5. Lisa, it turned out fabulous! I am so in awe of his skills! Just beautiful!

  6. I'm so glad that I found this post . . . I haven't visited for a while. The cabinet is beyond beautiful. What a talented man you have. Thanks for sharing Connie :) Come over and pay me a visit, and check out the rocking motorcycle and play kitchen that my hubby made for your granddaughters. Maybe you'll even decide to follow me.

  7. Your transformation is a great man cave, nice pictures we has been collecting.


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