Monday, March 26, 2012

Just the 2 of Us....

Saturday Night....
we had enough for everybody,
but it ended up being 
Just the 2 of us!

Which was even better!

Brad was in the mood to "create"....
Love those dinners!

We had a fabulous salad....
Romaine & baby Spinach,
and home~made Green Goddess dressing!

Have you had that lately?

We also had a Great bottle of wine....
with warm bread & herbed butter!

Maybe it wasn't just the 2 of us....
they like to join us,
just in case something drops to the floor!

It was a perfect night....
for candle~light

~and soft music~

A nice little steak hot off the grill,
some "smashed" red potato,
and some oh~so~good buttery asparagus

Yep, we're married....
but we're Good Friends too!

I think that's important!

Hope your weekend was spent with
 Good Food,
Good Friends
Good Wine!
Have a Great Monday!


  1. How delightful! Everything looks so delicious and the room so cozy and pleasant. And to have a hubby who cooks! Way cool...

  2. Looks as though you were in a high end restaurant with puppy waiters! As for your hubby, I think you should keep him!


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