Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Sunshine....

Was it Gorgeous in corner of the world
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

 It felt so good to be out and working in the yard again.

 Brad pulled out the edger & got that done.

He also got Mallory cutting the lawn....
not sure she was happy about that!

 There's always lots of work to do after the snow melts!

 The pool cover has to be pulled off
and spread out to dry.

 This bush was sure vibrant yesterday!

 So were the forsythia!

 There was some work needed on the bike....
(which ended up in the trash)

 Relaxing in the grass she just "had to" cut!

I pulled alot of dead off the plants I felt would
 be safe if we were to get real cold again.
Good thing I left most of it for another day. 
 We got down to 29 degrees last night!
It still felt great to get out and work in the yard!
I just love these first days out!
How about you....
did you get a chance to work around your yard?

We even pulled out the porch furniture.
typically that doesn't happen until 


  1. Your house is gorgeous!! We've had unusually warm weather here in Illinois and I've been looking at all the weeds coming up early. Ugh!

  2. Sounds like Sunday at our house as well! However, you're ahead of us....we don't have the pool opened yet...still working away on the yard. Love the pic of your daughter and the bassets....too cute!

  3. It is always so wonderful to get everything out and cleaned up. I haven't done one darned thing yet :)

  4. YOur home is fantastic! Did I work in my yard. Yes, you bet I did. I struggled but I did manage to get a few plants in..with rests in between! :)
    Lots to do in the back yard though.
    Those daughters of yours are cute as all get out!!

  5. I love your home,'s beautiful :) We've been having some great weather here in Southswestern PA as well. My hubby also got out porch furniture.

    p.s. wrote on my private blog.

  6. Awesome pictures and houses are also very nice in looking. Love those very green lawn too. :)

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  7. That house is fantastic! So much character...I ♥ it!!!


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